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Our Saltwater Nano Reef Tank: And More Creatures

Our salt water tank has been going well. We do once a week water changes, daily feedings, and top off the water levels with RODI, or Reverse Osmosis De-Ionized Water.

We now had the three fish: two clown fish and a cardinal, and then three crabs, a conch and some coral.

About two months ago we started noticing a build up of this stuff:

Green algae.

So we added two more creatures to our tank to help with this; a Blenny and a hairy crab.

Meet the Blenny, Hoover, which we so named because he vacuums the rock.

Hoover is hilarious. He thinks that if he stands completely still he is invisible to us, so he'll stand up against the glass like this, right in plain sight.

We were pleased that he did not hide all of the time, but would sit on the rocks and the sand, and take nibbles at the rock.

The hairy crab did his part too; here he is, eating away.

And after a few weeks our rock looked like this:

He does hide a lot and spends his days munching off the rock.

The last few weeks Hoover has b…

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