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{Homeschool Product Review} ~ The Heart Changer

I really love reading historical fiction, so when I was able to review The Heart Changer from Jarm Del Boccio, Author, I was excited to read it.

This story is based on the Biblical story of Naaman and his wife's maid. In the Bible there are only 19 verses in 2 Kings that are dedicated to this story, where a captured Israelite girl is a maid to the wife of the commander of the army of Syria. This man, Naaman, has leprosy and the maid tells him of the prophet Elisha, and how he might be able to heal him. Naaman gets permission to travel to Israel and meets Elisha's messenger, who tells him to bathe in the Jordan river seven times. After his servants persuade him to do this, he humbles himself and does what Elisha said, and his leprosy is healed.

The Heart Changer is focused on the maid, and expands on her story. Out of those 19 verses only three talk about the maid, and her name is never given, so building a story about her and her life does take some liberties.

But they are tru…

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