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{Journal Entry} The Last Couple of Weeks

The last couple of weeks have been interesting. Almost two weeks ago we hung out with some good friends after church.

Not only were our own families hanging out, but we had invited a mess of young people from our church too.

We had a great afternoon playing games, eating food, and talking.

The next week was very Springish here in Northern CA with temperatures in the upper 70's. The girls got to work with some planting.

Things were beginning to change in the world with talk of the virus. There were not restrictions yet so My Sweetie and I kept our regular date night and had a great time checking out Iron Horse Tavern and their poke nachos.

We also got to hear a lovely senior recital from this beautiful friend!

After church on Sunday we had some friends over.

By the next day, we realized our lives were going to be changing. The older girl's classes all went online, My Sweetie began working from home, all schools were closed.

But alas, to Nutsy's disappointment, our own schoo…

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