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{Journal Entry} ~ A Weekend With Family

Last week we had family come from out of state for a visit. They spent a couple of days with us and we had a great time.

Dinner, the first night.

Our family loves card games. And so each night we played different games. El Presidente, Kemps, Cocktails, Up the River (There and Back Again).... we played them all.

{El Presidente, and My Sweetie has the President's crown on}

The next morning, and breakfast for eleven.

We hung around the house this day, and in the afternoon headed to the park to play some Corn Hole.

We formed teams and had a tournament.

Jimmy got to join us for the afternoon, so that was a treat.

And the winners? Uncle and Nutsy.

We headed back to the house and to the pool. We had found this massive beach ball at my local grocery store, of all places, and played Keep-It-Up-In-The-Air -As-Long-As-You-Can.

It's kinda crazy what can entertain us all.

All of the cousins.

Dinner tonight was grilled chicken, corn on the cob, garlic bread, and Caprese salad.

This is when …

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