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Recently I was given the opportunity to review another wonderful product from Memoria Press. I received the Sixth Grade Literature Guide Set.

The complete set will cover 4 different novels; If you do purchase the entire set, you will also receive Literature Guide's to The Adventures of Robin Hood, The Door in the Wall, and King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table, plus the literature books. I received all four sets of the Student and Teacher Guides.

I chose to do Adam of the Road Memoria Press Literature Guide, since we own that literature book already.

Adam of the Road is written by Elizabeth Janet Gray. The story follows a young boy named Adam in thirteenth-century England. He has a dog named Nick who get stolen and his father also disappears, so he goes off searching for them. As he travels he comes in contact with many different peoples and places, and so throughout the story the reader gets a great glimpse into life during this time period.

But the point of this review is the Teacher Guide and Student Study Guide. For this particular title, there is one chapter of the book read for each chapter in the Guide. In each chapter, there are five different components:

Reading Notes: This short section has a few notes that helps the reader understand the story better. These include a brief description of the different characters, dates, and places.

Vocabulary: For each chapter there are between three and five words. The words are actually in a sentence and the student is asked to define it.

Comprehension Questions: There are three to six questions asked here; these are mainly to the point and are quizzing the student on the story line.

Discussion Questions: Three to four questions are in this section, and are more thought questions that ask the students deeper questions. Some examples of these types of questions are comparing two characters, the meaning of certain sayings and how different situations affect us. Many times the student is asked to examine a sentence from that chapter and explain in depth its meaning.

Enrichment: In each chapter there are some enrichment activities. One of these is memorization. Throughout the whole study guide, the student will memorize England's Sovereigns in Verse. This poem goes through all of the sovereigns of England from William the Conqueror to Queen Elizabeth II. There is also a short writing assignment - some of these are describing a scene from the book, writing a summary of the chapter, or even writing from dictation. There is also short paragraphs that give more historical notes on the time period.

At the end of the Student Study Guide is a glossary. This is very helpful when reading the book. It does not include the vocabulary words from the guide though; I liked that the student has to actually look up those words.

The Teacher Guide mirrors the Student Study Guide with the answers filled in. The big extra that the Teacher Guide has is an answer key to the discussion questions. This is extremely helpful when having those discussions and with the answers, being able to steer the discussions in a certain direction.

So how did we use this? Knowing that there are four books in this grade level, I decided to go at the pace to complete all four in a year. So giving each book 8 weeks, I divided up Adam of the Road into sections which equaled three chapters a week. That is perfect for three days of literature per week. She would read the chapter (between 8 and 14 pages) and then do the two pages of the Study Guide. This did take her about 45 minutes.

She could easily do most of the questions on her own.

Sometimes the enrichment writing assignments also added to that time, but you can easily turn it into a verbal exercise if you already have an intensive writing program. You can also verbally ask all the questions, especially the discussion questions and enrichment section.

The Teacher Guide does give lots of suggestions about how to have your student do the Student Guide.

There are also quizzes and tests. These are in the Teacher Guide, along with an answer key in the following section. For Adam of the Road, these quizzes happen every 5 chapters, with a final test at the end of the book.

These literature guides would be a wonderful addition to your homeschooling! You don't need to do all four books in one year - each title is sold separately so you can even mix and match grade levels.

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