County Fair 2019: Part 2 ~ Lamb Show, Saturday at the Fair

Next morning we were up bright and early. I dropped off the two girls in the back of the barn to clean out and then my barista-daughter and I made a Starbucks run. We were quite happy to see a new Starbucks literally across the street from the fair entrance.

My breakfast.

Hey, even though we are technically camping in a massive barn with 800 animals, it doesn't mean I can't have bagels and lox for breakfast.

Today was lamb day. The girls got to work washing and getting them ready.

See those fluffy legs? For the last five months, the girls have worked their tails off to get them this way. Three times a week, rain or shine, they washed and blew out the legs. They were also very careful to never brush them out and lose any wool.

Big sister was working in the dairy goat ring, but she had an agreement with the goat chair that she was allowed to run over to our ring to watch her sisters show.

Market was first and Nutsy was in the Hampshire class.

Driving that lamb.

And she got first in her class!

Final drive of the Hamps.

Check out this photo. See the lose lamb to the left? Every showman's nightmare.

Nutsy was not placed, but was thrilled to get into final drive.

Ashley was in the All Other Breeds or AOB class.

Working hard.

 And she got first in her class and got into final drive.

And Ashley got reserve champion AOB!

We had a bit of a break before showmanship. Our traditional fair lunch is sourdough bread and salami sandwiches from my cooler, with Maui potato chips.

Nutsy still shows as a junior in sheep.

She has such an intense look when she shows.

She made it into the top four showman, when the judge had them all start switching lambs. The first one she touched had a complete meltdown and wouldn't let her touch its legs at all to set them. It really flustered her and she had trouble with the rest of the lambs too.

Back with her own lamb.

She ended up in 4th place, but the judge paid her a nice compliment by starting to talk about her first. He said that from the start he was thinking she would be first or second, but she struggled at the end and was a great showman.

Ashley was in seniors.

Doing her best.

She made that lamb look so good.

There are quite a few good showman in our county and she ended up in 8th place.

And we were happy to share the day with grandma and grandpa too!

The girls changed and went to walk their animals. I have them walk them at least once a day here at fair, since the animals are in such small pens.

Notice Ashley's goat Dante....he is walking next to her and she is not holding the halter.

This goat was a bottle baby brat, and literally followed her around like a dog. He was super cute when he would try to sit on her lap, but not cute at all, EVERY DAY, when we would drive up to the farm and he would be screaming at us.

There is this nice grassy spot behind our barn where the girls sat for a while.

Back at the barn, and these girls swept up our area.

Dinner tonight was taco salad, eaten out near the horse arena.

Back in the barn to love on their animals a little....

...and then home.

Saturday is our quiet day. But we still have to get there early to clean out pens and replace shavings.

In the morning I actually helped to run the pygmy goat and fiber goat show, which was fun. Our club had main area barn duty today as part of our volunteer schedule. They cleaned all of the main walkways in the massive barn.

Lunch was fun fair munchies. Corn dogs,

and curly fries.

In the afternoon Ashley and I went in search of people to help her with master showmanship. There was actually a group of them that went from species to species, learning more about showing.

Dairy cow.

Swine, which she found super interesting.

and here she is in the horse arena.

She also talked to people from beef, dairy goat, and of course, helped the others in masters with goat and lamb. Again, I am so thankful that most of the kids at our fair are so willing to help others!

While she was doing that, the rest of my people were checking out the rest of the fair.

There was a dog show going on that they watched for a while.

The fun exhibit this year were the supersized games in the main exhibit hall.

You would think Operation would be easier if it was this big.

And supersized Uno!

All of my project members also take a written test that our fair calls Purple Curcle. This is on all of the large animals and is a 50 question multiple choice test.

For dinner tonight we grabbed In N Out on the way home.

YUM. We had two more days to go, and they were busy ones. Stayed tuned for part 3!

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