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Having a daily Bible time is something I want my children to practice, but at times it can be hard to know what exactly to read or do. This is where Beloved: 365 Devotions for Young Women from Zondervan can help.

This beautiful hardback book is very well organized. The lovely print on the outside cover is nicely done - perfect for a teenage girl. There is also a ribbon bookmark, to help keep track of which day you are on.

Each day has one page. There is a scripture verse at the top of the page and then a couple of paragraphs to read. This devotional is unique in that it is not in calendar form, as in having pages for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. Instead, each day is just simply numbered. I do like this feature because it means that if your daughter misses a day, they won't miss a reading. They would simply pick up where they left off.

And at the bottom, there are a few lines to jot down any notes or thoughts.

The content of the paragraphs on each page is very age appropriate and can be read in just a few minutes. The paragraphs address the verse that is at the top of the page. And there is order to the verses - they do work their way through the Bible beginning with Genesis.

And because this is for young women, the verses focus on the women of the Bible. Your daughter will read about Eve, the temptation, and how we are also tempted in daily life. They will see Sarah and remember how at times she did not trust in God, or was impatient with God's timing. The text brings these lessons into the context of today's issues for young women, and gives encouragement to obey and trust in God.

Not just the major stories of women in the Bible are addressed in this devotional; there are also pages on Hagar, Lot's wife, Bathsheba, the Samaritan Woman and many others.

I tell my children that one of the best ways to be encouraged is to look at what God has done. It is uplifting to see how God saved Hagar from death, how he kept Noah's wife safe in the ark, and how he always kept his promise to Sarah.

I gave this to Dasher, my seventeen year-old. I wanted this to be something that would be habit forming so I suggested she fit it into her daily schedule. Each morning, she bundles up in a blanket and then goes and sits on our small patio and reads. I gave the devotional book to her and had her read it during her time outside.

I also asked her to look up the verse, jot down any notes on the lines, and to spend some time praying.

She really liked having a set time each day when she would spend time in the devotional book. She also really appreciated that the reading section was not that long. Many times there is more wisdom in fewer words. She did begin with Day 1 and each day read one page. It was harder to do this on the weekends and I didn't require it so she has gotten through Day 18.

I also read the book myself. I did read a bit ahead and skimmed through the pages. The book does address some harder issues that some women had in the scriptures; Amnon and Tamar, Dinah and her attackers, and Vashti and the King Xerxes. The book does talk frankly but carefully about what happened to these women, but with a godly perspective and with applications for today's problems.

Many of my readers might know that I am reformed. Because of this, the focus of my faith and daily walk is Christ, His grace for me and His work on the cross. Any good that I do does need to be credited to God and his work in me. I felt that the core of this devotional was focused on the works a Christian does and how to please God in this way. Because of this I don't think this devotional is a good fit for our family. But please understand that all of the advice and things that are said in this book are sound and biblical. I just felt it was missing the gospel. I do know that there are those of my readers that would welcome this and learn from it. That this would encourage their daughters and help them become consistent in their daily Bible times.

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Beloved: 365 Devotions for Young Women {Zondervan Review}

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