My Week In Words and Images

My week in images and words....

My cup of tea in the morning is so comforting. I usually drink black tea in the morning but it's not for the caffeine. It's for the warmth and flavor, which helps start my morning. I do a couple more mugs during the day and try to stick with herbal unsweetened.

These girls out carving pumpkins. In the history of our family, we definitely pendulum swung with this holiday. There were a few years that we hid upstairs and watched something with the lights out, just so we wouldn't be involved at all with that day. And now tomorrow, the youngest in our family will dress up as a Starbucks barista (courtesy of her older sister) and go trick or treat in our neighborhood. I know what it is like to have strong convictions, but sometimes those change. And the most important thing is having grace for people on both sides of any of these kinds of issues.

These roses. I SO can't grow things, but these guys love this area of our backyard. My Sweetie faithfully trims them a couple of times a year, we don't seem to have aphids, and (this is the most important thing) they are on a watering drip system. Win win.

We had a fun day with cousins earlier this week. It's important to carve out time for extended family and grow those relationships too. I am so thankful for both sides of our families, and that they live fairly close to us.

This photo below inspired some of my thoughts on Instagram; here's my post:

These drawings on my window...someday they will be gone. I feel this phase in my life, of having littles leave their artwork everywhere, fading. The three younger ones are all teens and big brother is 21 and moved out. Time flies! I savored those days as much as I could. But you know what? This phase that I'm in: the conversations with teens, hard decisions, having them move, spending more time with My Sweetie, maybe pursuing my other talents - it is just as rich. And don't get me wrong, it's just as stressful (maybe even more) and needs just as much prayer and grace. So not only do I look backward with thankfulness, I'm settling in the present with grace, and I'm looking to the future with hope.