The 2018-19 School Year

I can't believe it is time to start school again.

Actually, we did some school over the summer. I wanted to get a head start on the year so we have already got four weeks under our belts.

This year I have two students. Dasher and Nutsy. Here is some of what we are doing this year:


We are doing our normal Horizon math, but I am supplementing this year with the Key To Series. One of my students is very visual and this topical math supplement is very helpful.

I also LOVE using Learning Wrap-Ups, and have Emma do them each day to keep up her math skills.

Language Arts

Last year Dasher completed the last course in IEW, We have done a formal writing curriculum ever since I can remember so this year I am not doing anything formal with her, but instead having her just write as she needs to for other subjects.

I am loosely following Language Arts J from Sonlight Curriculum, so we are using their read-aloud and readers for literature.

Nutsy is doing Spelling from Memoria Press. We began doing this last year and will continue to do it this coming year.

And I am going to re-visit a grammar curriculum for Nutsy that I used for years with the older three: Shurley Grammar. I love parsing sentences and love how this program teaches grammar with fun jingles.


Dasher and I are going to be exploring the brand new Health and Nutrition curriculum from Apologia. We recently reviewed this, and I was super happy with the Christian approach to this subject.

I will be assigning Nutsy to read through some middle school science readers. Since she is taking our geography course for co-op, her science is light this year.


The girls and I are very quickly going through God's Great Covenant: New Testament I. I love the theology of these books and the emphasis on covenant theology. We also have scripture memorization and are going through the shorter catechism.


We are continuing with our study in history, using American History from Memoria Press. Last year we went all the way from 1492 until the end of the Civil War, and this year we will finish out history and come all the way to present day. The thing I love about this program is the 200 Questions About American History. They are in flashcard form and the kids love memorizing them.


This is another subject we are doing in our co-op - World Geography. I want my kids to be able to identify world countries and their capitals, and so my co-teacher and I decided this would be a good fit for us. We haven't decided on the exact curriculum, but have some ideas.

And that is what we are starting with, at least. Things change, sometimes things don't work, and schedules change. But I am thankful to at least have a plan!


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