Church Camping Trip 2018 {Journal Entry}

Another church camping trip is in the books.

And as always, we had a great time.

There were over 100 people here from our church and we all shared sites. Our smaller group was three families, plus 3 other guys that ate with us too, for a grand total of 18 people. (20 on the last night.)

And even though we were camping, we ate good.

My friend has these awesome burners that we use, plus we have a smaller stove too.


And I officially passed off my Donut-Shaping/Shaking hat to a couple of young padawans.

They did a great job shaping the dough and shaking them in different toppings.

In the evenings we all share we had some fun cheeses and crackers.

Camp Taco Night.

And Tri-Tip night.

We actually had so much tri tip that it fed lots of us tri tip sandwiches the next day for lunch.

Having fun at dinner.

During the afternoon we usually left camp to go explore somewhere. Alas, there wasn't any bridge jumping this year. It is actually a very safe jump because the side of the overflow dam is sheer and very deep, but some idiots this last year had started some fires up on the overflow, done graffiti, and gotten drunk and jumped off way to close to the shore by the rocks. So they had barb wired the whole entrance and you couldn't even get on the spillway.

But we found other ways to have fun.

The first full day we all headed to the Yuba River.

This place is gorgeous.

Families with little ones stayed in this area where they could swim and wade, while a bunch of us headed up river.

We swam under overhangs, walked upstream over rocks, scaled some small waterfalls, and went over boulders. We went up a ways and finally decided to head back. This was the best part of being on the river:  floating back down.

A couple of the guys would scope out the waterfalls and a few we did get to go down. We would float through the pools but carefully, I think we all got a little bruised on our back ends from hitting larger rocks. There were even a couple of natural water slides. SO much fun!

We headed back up to the road.

I love it that this spot is only a 20 minute drive from our campsites. It gets crazy busy on the weekends, but not too bad during the week.

The other day we headed to the lake right near our campsites.

We always go down in the back of a truck, with a bunch of kids biking behind us, trying to keep up.

The water was nice and warm. Pretty quickly, the kids in our group found a couple of logs to play with.

The main thing they play is Keep Your Balance, which is harder than it looks.

And yes, I was out there for about 20 minutes trying to get on too. I could get seated but had a heck of a time getting to standing. Which I finally did, for about a tenth of a second.

A couple of the moms and I commandeered another smaller log (okay fine, the captain of that log got tired of us talking and gave it up), and we floated out a ways on that for a bit.

When we got back in we saw that people were holding the log so others could run down it and jump in, so Nutsy had a turn and did a cannonball.

On the beach there were really good conversations.

Lots of little friends.

And these two started a rock collection and invited me to help them.

I love the age range of our church and that everyone hangs out with everyone else. Such lovely fellowship.

Headed back up in the truck.

Each morning we had singing and devotions.

Our associate pastor led us in devotions about II Corinthians, our weaknesses, Christ's strength and perfection, and the hope of heaven.

After devotions we would hang out, play games, and talk.

One morning my friend and I went on a walk and when we came back, we came across these two, who had opened a store and were selling treasures.

We paid them in Starbursts.

And quite a few cornhole games were played.

And new games, like this one: Codename.

Nights were much the same, after dinner we would take walks and visit.

After dark our kitchen area was all lit up.


Lots of games.

The game table was in use pretty much until we all went to bed.

Campfires, with port, pipe smoke, and good conversation.

Glo-Stick Fun.

The girls even made Mickey Ears.

And one night we were having such a good volleyball tournament, that we used a couple of cars to keep the game going after the sun went down.

Finally, the last night we had our annual talent show.

Kaitlyn biked over to the show. The girls having their bikes made the trip all the more fun - there are a few fun hills to go down.

The audience started the waves a few times while we were waiting for it to start.

Mr S., our faithful MC.

Our pastor and three other men did a hilarious rendition based on Monty Python.

And our ukulele player got a few people singing "In the Jungle" with her.

I was a part of the Ukulele Ladies, and we sang a couple of songs.

Enjoying the show.

And that was our camping trip. Full of laughter, fun, serious conversations, jokes, games, and good food.


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