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Literature is an important part of our homeschooling. And having a study guide from Progeny Press is a huge help. I received The Green book - eGuide to use with my youngest.

Green Book

The first thing we did was read the book. It is only 70 pages long and with a 3-5th graded reading level. The story is an interesting one:

A father and his children, along with many others, are fleeing a dying Earth in a spaceship. After four years they land on a distant planet, very different than the one they knew. As they settle on this planet, which they name Shine, they explore a place where it only rains at night, the grass is like glass, and giant moths fly about. They struggle to grow food and survive, but they still have hope that they can live in this amazing place.

The eGuide opens in Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can either print off the eGuide, or you can use the interactive feature, and have your student fill in the answers.

The eGuide is divided up by chapter. You can easily do one chapter a week and with the prereading activities and the After-You Read Projects, this eGuide literature study can be completed in 8 weeks.

Within each chapter there are groups of activities:

Vocabulary - this activity is not just writing down definitions, but actually explains a concept and then has a variety of exercises to review the words.

Comprehension questions - these are basic questions that relate to the story. These are excellent for testing comprehension of the story line.

Think about the Story - these questions are more thought questions, and make the reader think more about the actions and words in the book. This section also tends to focus on a literary aspect. For example, in chapter 3, the student is taught about imagery and how the author uses words to create a pictures, and conveys this using our senses. The student then does an activity where they select which sense the author is using.

For some of the pages I had Nutsy fill it in online. For others, as you can see above, I printed out for her to complete.

The Dig Deeper section is my favorite. Here, the student looks up verses in the Bible and answers deeper questions. The people on Shine were given liberty to make most of their own rules. One of the questions has the student look up and read the Ten Commandments, and compares the rules of Shine to them. Throughout the eGuide there is emphasis on the Christian faith and behavior.

Optional Activities - in each chapter there is a list of more activities to do. These range from research projects, creative writing assignments, Venn diagrams, word searches, and much more. In chapter 3 the people realize that they can't cook jellyfish for food, but in the process, find out that they are a good fuel source. The student is then asked to research how people on Earth used whale fat to light oil lamps.

And finally, an answer key also comes with the eGuide. This is extremely helpful for the homeschooling mom!

We really loved using this eGuide. I had never heard of The Green Book before and was intrigued with the story. I also loved the lessons we learned in the eGuide. The Biblical emphasis was key to the literature guide, and helped give a Christian perspective to this book. As always Progeny Press does a wonderful job of making books come alive for students.

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