Hidden Mickey Wedding Reception

A very dear couple was married this last Saturday. The three girls and I helped out with food and dessert. And, since the bride and groom are big Mickey Mouse/ Disney fans, we put together a Hidden Mickey game to play during the reception.

A rhyme, with the directions.

And papers to fill out.

Before the guests arrived, we hid all of the Mickeys.

On an umbrella stand. (Hidden in the shadow)

In the leaves.

Drawn with chalk, on a stump. (Taken after it had gotten smudged)

I found this Mickey Ears sponge at Target, and it went up in a tree.

We made one out of Styrofoam, and hid it on an antique stove that was used to serve drinks.

This one was three beads hot glued together, which we put in the bird bath.

One made with buttons, stuck on a tree.

This one was made with twine and a hot glue gun, attached to some decking.

And my favorite, I used the flavored water ingredients and toothpicks, and made a hidden Mickey to float in the water.

We also had a Mickey bracelet on one daughter, a painted nail on another, and a Mickey necklace on the third. And My Sweetie had one of my small ruby Mickey earrings attached to the bottom of his shirt.

People milled around, looking for them. We didn't have a time limit, and I had chocolate for people who found all 15 of them. This was the perfect thing to do while the bride and groom were taking photos.

Visiting with the special couple.

Dinner was Chicken Alfredo Lasagna, a green salad, and garlic bread.

Mother and father of the groom.

The drink spot. Love the antique stove, and my hidden Mickey survived the whole reception!

And the final Mickey of the night was desserts. Kaitlyn, my baker-daughter, made these incredible Mickey and Minnie Cupcakes.

These were chocolate cupcakes with a ganach filling, buttercream frosting, and mini Oreos for the ears. The Mickey ones had little dots on the liner for buttons, and the Minnie cupcakes had delicate edible pearls sprinkled on top.

 Congratulations, Mr and Mrs. S! Thanks for letting us share your special day with you!

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