What's For Dinner

Lately I've been taking photos of our food. I do this so that I can look back on what we have eaten when I need inspiration for my menu planning.

So here is what has been on our table recently....

Gyros, with a Greek Salad. One of my favorite easy meals.

BBQ pork ribs. I start these in the slow cooker and they get finished in the oven, with a lovely sauce.

We are out a lot in the afternoons right now because of all the work we are doing with the animals for 4-H, so having Cowboy Pasta to take along really helps. SO much better than fast food.

Grilled Brats with sauteed onions and peppers, and a nice green salad.

Salmon filets, green beans and rice. And see that dish of soy sauce? Salmon dipped in soy sauce is The. Best.

Beef Stroganoff, over zucchini (the kids had it over pasta) and roasted asparagus.

Pork tenderloin tacos, with my homemade tomatillo salsa verde, with refried beans and Spanish rice.

Roasted chicken and gravy, with roasted Brussels sprouts and carrots.

And Hawaiian pizza from our weekly pizza night. Delish.

Good food.



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