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Looking for a fun craft idea? We recently had the opportunity to review a fun product from Zirrly. I received one of their Super Beads, 3D Animals.

These fun bead crafts are a great way to pass a rainy afternoon. They came in a nice sturdy box, with all of the supplies necessary to make two animals. 
Super Beads
But what made these a very special project is that they are 3D.

When we got the package, Nutsy and I looked over the instructions and the items in the box. Since this is a true 3D project, having an adult nearby is a great help. And even thought the box says ages 5+, I do feel that these 3D ones are better for slightly older children.

We received plastic pouches of the super beads, a spray bottle, a plastic tool, puzzle trays and the pattern cards. 

Following the instructions is key to making this work as you do need to put the beads on the puzzle trays in the correct way. You begin by placing the pattern card into the puzzle tray with the tabs aligned. I especially liked it that they included two puzzle trays - this way you can work on all sides of the animal at once.

Nutsy had a great time doing this part. She loves methodically putting the correctly colored beads in the rights spots. 

She noticed right away something very unique about Zirrly's Super Beads: the puzzle trays are deeper than she expected, and so she could move the tray around and even bump it, and the beads did not spill out. You can see below she was even able to hold up the puzzle tray, and did not have any of the beads fall out. 

Sometimes with projects like these, one bump and the whole thing needs to be started again. Not with Zirrly

Working hard to get them all in place.

The next step is what makes Super Beads very special - there is no hot ironing to do. In fact, the way you get the beads to adhere to each other is simply water.

After all of the beads are in their correct spots, you fill the spray bottle with water and spray away. She did find that she needed to get it pretty moist to have it stick. But there is a warning to not saturate the beads- they can get too wet and then not stick well. Now comes the waiting part....the beads must be completely dry before you try to remove them. We let them sit overnight to completely dry.

And that is where the plastic tool comes in, this is meant to slide down and separate the beads from the puzzle tray. She did have a hard time using the tool and getting it underneath the beads and ended up using a toothpick to lift up the piece.

Once all of the pieces are out, they very easily fit together to make your animal.

This was a really fun bead craft! She really loved the 3D aspect of this, and the next day made the other animal that came in our box - a bull.

I loved that she did most of this on her own. And instead of dragging out our iron and needing me to supervise, I really appreciated that the beads stuck together with water. 
Super Beads 3D Animals

There are other 3D super beads by Zirrly, and for younger kids there are lots of two dimensional projects to choose from too: animals, spinning tops, a jewelry set, and much more.

And my Crewmates also played around with these fun beads: check out what they thought by clicking below.

Super Beads {Zirrly Reviews}
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  1. You guys did a fantastic job reviewing and presenting our Super Beads. We’re super impressed. Thanks so much!!!


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