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I absolutely love hands on learning. And Home School in the Woods, with their plethora of products in their A La Carte series, has so many hands on products to choose from.

Home School in the Woods  Á La Carte products

I chose two games to play with and review: Name That State! File Folder Game, and Westward Ho! File Folder Game.

Name That State!

This game came at the perfect time. This semester, we are learning the locations of all 50 states and their capitals.

The game comes as a downloadable pdf, which has everything you need.

There are detailed instructions, which are very helpful, since all of the game pieces and cards need to be printed out. There are even instructions for doing double sided printing.

This is called a File Folder Game because you adhere the game board to the inside of a file folder.

There are actually three different game boards you can choose from, based on the ability and age of your students:

You can just print a game board with state names and match the shape, you can print off a game board that has the state abbreviations on each state, or, you can print the game board with blank states.

Home School in the Woods  Á La Carte products

I was being a little tougher on my girls and as you can see in my photo below, I printed the game board that was blank.

The only other thing you need to print is the cards. There is one for each state. On one side you have the state shape and on the other, you have the state name, capital, rank (ordered by date of induction into the US) and region. There is also space to add other facts onto each card.

Playing is easy. You draw a card, look at the shape, and if you identify it correctly, you get to put a marker on it. And Home School in the Woods had the great idea of using a hole punch to punch out the markers from colored paper. You can have your players only identify the state name, or they can also identify the capital as well.

We played the game a few times, and then my girls used it to learn the states on their own. I appreciated that there is a compass marking on the card- this way you know exactly which way is north and can easily see the shape of a state. They were also tricked by size because the cards are all the same size, and the Alaska card state shape is the same size as the Rhode Island shape. This is good, because I do want them to ignore size and focus on the states' shape and location.

By the end of our review period the girls knew all the states and capitals, and could identify most of their locations.

Westward, Ho!

This file folder game focuses on Western Expansion in the early 19th century. To move around the board you need to answer questions. The questions don't just pertain to migration and Gold Rush questions, but include all sorts of questions from the time period. Questions about the telegraph, land acquisition, the Mexican American War, and Presidents.  Once you answer a question correctly, you can begin collecting supplies to travel. And then once all of your supplies are gathered, you can choose which trail to follow: Mormon California, Lewis and Clark Route, Oregon Trail, and Santa Fe. Each trail has its own set of challenges, including rivers flooding, your wagon getting washed away, and getting lost. Answering questions to move along, the winner is the one who makes it to the west first.

Home School in the Woods  Á La Carte products

This again, was perfect timing. This whole year we have studied American history, from the 1400's up to the Civil War, so this was the perfect way to review.

I had my kids pull out random markers from other games and we played a few times.

This was a great way to review and learn new facts - some of the questions asked were ones we had never studied before. There were a few questions about the Mormons and their westward movement and since we had not covered this at all, they did learn these facts as we kept playing the game.

And don't worry, you won't run out of cards; there are 90 of them, each with a different question.

You can see that the question and answer are on the same side, so I read the questions aloud to them. We really enjoyed playing this, and I felt like it did a great job of reviewing this time period. This game was the perfect way to make history learning fun.

I have used products from Home School in the Woods and they do not disappoint. As Crew members, we were able to choose products from their A La Carte series and I did see other products that I am interested in: The Art of Quilling looks really fun! I have always wanted to learn how to quill, and having such an affordable guide is great. The other one that would be great for us as we continue in American History is The Great War Lapbook and A Timeline of World War II.

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