{#abcblogging} P is for Packing Lunches (And Other Meals)

Well, I missed O last week in my #abcblogging challenge.

But I am choosing not to look at it that way, but I am proposing to you my readers, that this post should be titled: On Packing Lunches.

There. Got both the O and P in.

Packing lunches, which I pack quite a few of. And not just lunches, but breakfasts and dinners too.

As part of his job, My Sweetie travels a fair bit and to make our budget work and to eat healthy, I pack all of his food for him to take along. This can seem intimidating because there are weeks when he is gone for three days at a time, but it's not daunting and I don't wake up at 4 am to pack it (when he sometimes leaves). With a little planning ahead it runs pretty smoothly.


This is the easiest meal to pack. I usually include some hard boiled eggs, and also put a little salt and pepper into a bag for taste. I might throw in a granola bar, or some trail mix. I love making my own, using the bulk section at my grocery store. I might add a piece of fruit, a bag of dried fruit, or a banana too.

And lately I've added an apple with a few scoops of peanut butter in a container - when he gets to work he has that as a snack.

Lunches (or dinners)

This meal, for My Sweetie, tends to be leftovers from the night before. I have it marked on my meal plan when he is going to be gone, so I make sure the night or two before that, to cook a little extra and save it for him.

I compartmentalize my containers with foil, so that anything saucy doesn't get into the pasta or rice.

What you see above is teriyaki chicken and rice. Before he reheats it, My Sweetie will dump the rice out of the foil and into the container.

This is a taco chicken and corn bowl, with grated cheese on top that will melt when it gets heated.

These go on the top shelf in our fridge, with the other things I have planned, so he can easily grab it all and go.

Dinners (or lunches)

These meals My Sweetie likes to eat a little lighter. I will send a salad kit, either homemade or one like this:

I also include some cut up veggies like red bell peppers, carrots, broccoli, snap peas, or cucumbers.

And in the last year I have found at my Costco, these cute little hummus containers, that you see above. Very easy to grab. Or if you can't find them, putting some kind of dip into a little container works well too.

I'll also include some nuts, fruit, cheese sticks, or a few slices of salami.

I assemble all of the breakfast and dinner items the night before he leaves. I use glass containers with lids that I purchased at Costco a couple of years ago and I love them. Sometimes the girls leave him notes with dry erase pens on the lids.

My Sweetie is not the only one I pack food for. During our busy 4-H season we are sometimes gone in the afternoon and evenings, and so I pack things for us to eat. Most of the time it is more snack type things, but sometimes it is something more substantial like this pasta salad.

It does take planning and thinking ahead, but you can do this too! When I did a cost analysis of this, I found out that I am saving us at least $25-30 per day that he eats food from home. And not only will doing this save you lots of money, it is WAY healthier for you too.

How do you pack homemade food?

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