{#abcblogging} L is for Low Carb Eating

So I'm getting into my 40's. And I'm feeling like the ol' metabolism is starting to slow down. I'm not overweight or anything, just feel like I'm getting a little more of me in certain areas.

So in the last 6 months or so, My Sweetie and I have decided to cut back on our carbohydrate intake. How are we doing this?

Eat More Vegetables

My goal is to get at least three cups of vegetables per day. So with my lunch I almost always have cut up carrots, broccoli or bell peppers with  couple or tablespoons of hummus. With dinner I am getting creative with veggies.

We are also eating more salads, including this Kale-Bacon one in the winter.

Increase the protein.

If you aren't eating the carbs the one thing you do need to do is increase your protein. Meat can get expensive so I rely on other protein sources. We eat cheese, nuts, avocados, and hard boiled eggs.  Any of those sources are great in a salad, like this butternut squash-pecan-goat cheese salad.

We also eat lots of pork and ground beef. Right now in my area, pork can be cheaper, at times, than chicken.

Substitute things

Now one thing I hate is fake food. You will never see me eating tofu hot dogs or veggie burgers. If I'm eating food, it's really what it says it is. But eating a yummy spaghetti sauce and not having the pasta can be hard. So I will substitute real food for carbs. When I make spaghetti sauce and pasta for the kids, I saute a couple of chopped zucchinis and serve the sauce over that.

Another great carrier for sauces or casseroles is roasted cabbage. I love spicing up the cabbage and then using it like I would pasta.

Follow the 4/5th rule

So 4/5ths of the time, we follow this. But every fifth or sixth meal, we do have a small serving of carbs. In our case, because of the style of my cooking, it is usually rice.  We also each have a piece of homemade pizza on Friday nights. I also occasionally will have a potato dish with our food, and might have a few bites. But for the most part, bread and pasta are special treats I might only have a couple of times a month. We do have dessert once a week also. To be no carb without any cheating at all is a hard thing to do, and God did give us food to enjoy!

So how about you? Any good ideas for low carb eating?
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  1. Those sauteed zuc's look absolutely wonderful! I love the ideas you have for reducing carbs, thank you for sharing them! And thank you for linking up with us! I can't wait to see what you write about next!


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