Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That seeing the solar eclipse this morning was really neat! We were at about 80% totality and had a pair of glasses that we all shared. We actually watched it in the Starbucks parking lot near us. Bookworm was working that day at Starbucks and had arranged to take her break during the best part so she could see too. I was surprised that we were not alone - there were about ten other people with glasses and viewing boxes and a few of the Starbucks employees came out to see also.

What I'm reading: At the moment, nothing. I am previewing some of the science that Dasher is doing and that is honestly all I am reading right now.

What we're learning: We started school today!! I know, this is early for us. But we had finished all of our summer fun things, had all of the school supplies ready, and the girls said yes, so it was a go. Except for our co-op classes, we started all other subjects today.

What I'm watching: We have been watching Monk episodes with the girls lately. That guy is so interesting. Like some people I know......

What's cooking: This week I am making Chicken Thai Curry, Lemon Honey Chicken, grilled chicken with zucchini gratin and a Caesar salad, and a Chicken Cobb Salad.

What I'm creating: I am helping Dasher come up with some fun preschool activities for her new job. She is going to be helping out with young children at a Classical Conversations in our town once a week, and is planning out things to do with them.

What we did this last weekend: We did some serious organizing in the garage on Saturday. It is amazing how living in a small home keeps you from filling it too full and purging every now and then. We went to church on Sunday and heard our associate pastor's sermon - our church was recently blessed with his addition. Then that afternoon we had our last church picnic of the summer.

What I'm looking forward to: Over the next two weeks our year schedule is going to all start, music lessons, a new Bible study, jobs for the younger two, 4-H, and college for Bookworm. Not too busy, but all very profitable.

A picture to share: 

~Starbucks treats on our first day of school and I only have two now!