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Ever heard of G.A. Henty? Well recently I was given the opportunity to review an audio book dramatization of his book In the Reign of Terror. Heirloom Audio Productions has done a great job of making this classic story come alive for listeners of all ages.

Heirloom Audio Productions

What It Is:

G.A. Henty wrote In the Reign of Terror in 1888. The story follows a young English man Harry, who travels to France to live with a French noble family in the 1780's. He moves in with them and is exposed to the nobility of France. But there is unrest in the land, as the lower class is uprising and rebelling against the crown. Harry is caught in the middle of this turmoil and watches as the family he has grown to love is ripped apart by the French Revolution. The family ends up in different parts of France as the children try to escape from their homeland and into England. Throughout the story there are instances of bravery, near death experiences, love, and adventure.

Heirloom Audio Productions has taken this intriguing story and dramatized it with some of the very best in the industry. Brian Blessed, John Rys-Davies, and Cathy Sara are a few of the well known names listed in the cast. Not only is the acting superb, but the musical score by John Campbell is also very well done. Some of the scenes in this story can get a little intense, but this Heirloom Audio does a great job of creating a scene with just the right amount of drama.

In the Reign of Terror

Another bonus that Heirloom Audio provided me with was access to the Live Adventure Club Online which has lots of downloads to go with this audio CD. Looking over the downloads, there was a lot to get excited over. There is the original book in e-book form to download. The  entire soundtrack is available to download, plus a printable cast poster. There is a desktop wallpaper download, and finally the full official script to download as well.

But the meat of the downloads is the Study Guide. This is a 43 page document that was easy to download. Each track of the CD has its very own page with three sections:

  • The Listening Well - these are questions related to the material that was just listened to.
  • The Thinking Further - these questions are more thought questions, and ask your child to draw conclusions from actions in the book
  • The Defining Words - this is simply a list of vocabulary words to look up

The tracks are divided into anywhere from 6 to 10 minutes, so it is a good stopping place to stop the CD and have a question/answer time with your child.

There are also snippets of facts throughout the Study Guide - these are called "Expand Your Learning" and includes more information on fashion, the Deceleration Rights of Man and the Citizen (France's deceleration of human rights) health and medicine, the guillotine, French cuisine and many more.

How We Used This and What We Thought:

At the beginning of July we had a few hour-long car trips with all of our 4-H state fair responsibilities. This was the perfect time to dive into this classic book. We listened all of the way through the story within the first couple of weeks.

After the fair I re-visited the CD with my youngest. I downloaded the Study Guide and decided we would use it as we listened to the story in review. At the end of every track we stopped the CD and went through some of the questions that were in the guide. I really liked the questions, especially The Thinking Further questions. For example there is a character in the story that pretends that he does not speak English very well when speaking with Harry. Using the discussion questions we talked about how sometimes people might be tempted to lie about their abilities to make a friend not feel so bad. I had her write out a few of the vocabulary words, some of which included haughtiness, drawing room, peculiar, and bourgeoisie. I loved how these words challenged her and helped he to understand the story even better.

Heirloom Audio Productions is unabashedly Christian, and this really comes out in the Study Guide. This is reflected in many of the questions and at the end of the guide, there are a couple of Bible Study on resistance to tyranny and manliness.

So I really liked both aspects of this product. The CD's by themselves are a wonderful addition to your audio library. And adding the study guide brings depth to the story, and extends the learning process. I loved having questions right there at my fingertips that I could use to confirm that my child was grasping the story. The Guide can be used for your child to print out and use to fill a notebook up with answers and vocabulary words, or it can simply give you verbal questions that you the parent can ask your child.

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