Church Camping Trip 2017

Another church camping trip is in the books.

This year the three older ones went up a day earlier while My Sweetie and I enjoyed another night in our nice comfy bed. We came up the second day with Nutsy. We actually got up in the morning, so we did have all day to hang out with friends.

That afternoon we all headed down to the lake in the back of my friend's truck.

We immediately headed across the dam to the bridge. We are totally out of our drought now, so there was plenty of water, which meant plenty of jumping.

All of the kids jumped many times- we old folk decided to take a year off. But we did send the Go Pro up and then down, with Mr. Lego.

Nutsy had a blast. She lost count of how many times she jumped, and was flinging herself off from the top railing.

After watching for a bit, I swam across the lake with two of my friends. It is a work out, but feels so good to swim that far.

We got back and met up with the bridge jumpers. Nutsy loves hiking so a few of us walked a ways around the lake.

Back to camp and volleyball.

There are over 100 people here from our church. A few of us share meals which makes it super easy. Tonight we had taco salad and margaritas.

These sweeties did the dishes.

Once it got dark a bunch of us decided to walk down to see the moon on the lake.

And then we broke out the games.

And sweet treats.

The kids were all tent camping it, but we slept in style:

This is actually a great idea. We blow up a air mattress, crack the windows, and climb in. It is pretty comfortable, and while we heard complaints from fellow campers about crazy, lunatic crows that started squawking at 5 am, we heard nothing.

Mornings in the woods is beautiful.

Here was our communal breakfast:

We do try to eat well when we are camping.

We had our morning devotions next. Our church has recently been blessed with an associate pastor, and he led our morning singing and Bible time.

He spoke about self control and humility, things we as God's people, need to be diligent in.

Back to the lake today.

We call this The Rocky Beach. Why? The thing is covered in rocks, obviously. Thankfully because of high water, we didn't have to walk too far to get to the actual water.

Hanging out with our peeps.

I floated for a bit with these ladies.

Then my swimming buddy from the day before and I swam the other direction, away from the bridge. It was in more open water and  when we were about halfway there we realized we were pretty invisible to any boats in the area. We splashed quite a bit so they could see us and then swam as fast as we could, without hyperventilating, to get to the other side. Once we hit the shore we picked up the trail we had walked the day before and made it back to the beach.

Tonight I broke out my appetizers.

Dinner was roasted tri tip, pasta salad, potato salad, garlic bread, and my caprese salad.

Good food with lovely people.

Tonight was our talent show.

There were quite a few skits with lots of laughs.

And then we had our communal dessert - all things sweet inside of ice cream cones and then wrapped in foil and warmed in the fire. And then the kids ran around on a sugar high for a couple of hours.

Glow stick time.

We only brought cell phones and the Go Pro to take photos with and with some experimenting, figured out how to take some cool shots with the glow sticks.

About half the campers walked down to the lake - the Perseid Meteor shower was going on so we got to see a few shooting stars.

And then another late night playing games.

Our one hitch of the trip was that our car battery did die - it wasn't because of an open door or anything, it was just old. We got it jumped and got home safely.

We had such a great time! I am so thankful for this group of brothers and sisters that we are blessed to spend time with. 


  1. Love these!! I always wondered what the back of the truck drive looked like. ;) I love the photo of J jumping with the camera! So fun. Thanks for sharing!


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