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My kids are getting older! In two months our second born will graduate from high school. She has plans to attend a nearby junior college and so when the opportunity came up to review SpeedyPrep and their online CLEP prep program I was quite excited.


What It Is:

If you are unfamiliar with CLEP testing, let me fill you in on this wonderful way to pass college classes. CLEP stands for College Level Examination Program and is accepted by over 2,900 colleges and universities. Basically, you study and take the exam to pass a lower division class (classes taken in the first two years, or at a junior college) and gain college credit. You do this at a test center, without taking the 12-18 week-long college course, or paying tuition fees. There is an $80 fee to take the test, but this is a much more efficient and inexpensive way to gain college credits.


Now, how do you study for a CLEP exam? This is where SpeedyPrep helps out. SpeedyPrep walks students through a study program and gives them the information they need to pass the exam.

Currently there are 24 courses you can take on SpeedyPrep. These range from:
  • History - Government, US history I and II, Western Civilization I and II
  • Science - Biology, Human Developement, Natural Sciences
  • Literature - American Lit, English Lit, Analyzing and Interpreting Literature
  • Math - College Level Math, Algebra
  • Business - Marketing, Management, Business Law
There is also a Spanish course, Sociology, Psychology, College Composition, and Humanities.

The way that the facts are primarily taught are through flashcards. Through trial and error, the student learns the necessary facts while answering the flashcards.

When answered incorrectly, the answers are given with an explanation, which my daughter really appreciated.

There are also videos to watch on each topic. The videos supplement the information from the flashcards and help to review the concepts. Sometimes the videos also have photos or artwork from the period to help teach the concept.

The flashcards are both fill in the blank and multiple choice, like the one seen below.

The student is asked the questions multiple times over the course of the program - the goal is mastery and not quick memorization.

Another bonus that my daughter loved was that you can see your progress through the material very easily on a progress bar.

How We Used This and What We Thought:

Bookworm is taking a couple of classes this semester at our local junior college as a high school student. She was really excited when I explained the whole CLEP concept to her, and looked through the list of courses. She chose US History I as her class to take. 

She logged onto SpeedyPrep 4-5 times a week, and spent between 30-60 minutes a day working through the questions. At times, she would watch a video on the topic she was on. 

The videos were of a teacher, not on screen, explaining the concept. The video was a blackboard, with the teacher highlighting events in history using words they wrote and various photos and drawings of the event.

The flashcards seemed to cover quite a bit of material, and would repeat often. She felt that this really helped her to retain the information, but did notice that the flashcards were always worded exactly the same. The questions were either fill in the blank or multiple choice, and spelling and capitalization mattered. This was good for some things, but she did notice a couple of times that something should have been capitalized and wasn't. If she forgot and entered it as a capital letter, she got the card wrong.

She also noticed a discrepancy when studying the articles of the Constitution - sometimes she was to enter a number {2}, other times the Roman numeral {II}, and still another flashcard wanted her to enter Second, as in the second amendment. This was a bit frustrating for her but she did do this section over and over and finally passed it to move on to the next. On a side note, she really struggled with the section on the Constitution, and needed that extra practice with all of the amendments!

As of this writing she is over halfway done with US History I and hopes to be ready to take the CLEP test by the end of June. I have looked into CLEP testing at our college - they do accept most classes and offer the test and charge the standard $80 to take it. So much less expensive than tuition and books at the same school!

Even with the difficulties she had, overall she said she really liked this way of studying. She felt that it was giving her the tools to take that final exam and pass a college level course - all without stepping into a classroom. Obviously you can only do lower division classes this way but what a great opportunity for independent learners to gain college credit, and in fraction of time and cost. 

If you have high school students, I urge you to look into CLEP testing, and using SpeedyPrep to help your older students pass the test.

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