All of a sudden when I woke up this morning, I realized we are getting pretty darn close to the end of this part of the journey. In exactly two weeks we'll be see our firstborn graduate from BMT!

He is now in WOT 5 - the week he started talking about before he even enlisted. The week, that if you asked him, is what he was looking forward to most at BMT.

Why, you ask?

Because he gets to get down and dirty and really start acting like an Airman. This week he'll be crawling through mud, defending his area with his flight, doing an extensive obstacle course, firing his gun, and act as if he is deployed in a combat situation.

So basically all those times when he was younger and he would 'play soldier' are coming true this week.

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What He's Learning:

So all that he has learned these last few weeks is being put into practice. The whole flight (along with 700 other trainees) is actually moved to another part of the base, where they run through tons of exercises. The flights compete against each other, and practice defending their zone.

They'll also get to do an obstacle course called CLAW.

He will also get to fight with pugil sticks and learn more combat moves.

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This is when his flight really needs to come together and work as a team. They each have a wingman, that they never leave and support through the whole week. All of them are emerging as true Air Force Airmen, as leaders and warriors. You can see a short video here about BEAST week, and a great description of what they'll do here.

What We're Learning:

I am learning more and more about the week of graduation. I am starting a binder where I am storing all my information.

One of the many things he has to memorize is the Airmen's Creed.

I did some research about this creed and was surprised to read that it was only introduced to the Air Force in 2007. When it was introduced, it replaced other, numerous creeds that were used by different members of the Air Force. There was the NCO Creed (Non-Commissioned Officer), SNCO Creed (Senior Non-Commissioned Officer), Chief's Creed, the First Sergeant's Creed, and the list goes on. This one replaced them all and is memorized and recited by all airmen.

At graduation, we'll hear all airmen recite this, plus sing the first verse of the Air Force Song. (Off we go into the wild blue yonder.....) I'll try to video that. :-)

What We're Doing:

This last weekend we ordered our Squadron T-Shirts. We are now parents in the WolfPack, and will show our support and pride for this group! We used Lackland Shirt Shop and I do hope we didn't order  them too late. They have already shipped so I think we will get them in time.

I am getting more and more creative with the letter writing. I had all of my Facebook friends leave notes on my page, and then I copied them into two or three letters. And another friend of mine (whose son is actually in WOT 3 at BMT now) brought index cards to our church picnic for people to write notes on. I have been including three or four in each letter I have sent him.

Keep praying, friends! He'll be catching up on sleep this weekend (maybe), and then testing begins in WOT 6.

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