Church Camping 2016

Another camping trip is in the books.

We did things a little differently this year. It was definitely a different camping trip, because we were camping as a family of five and not a family of six. And because My Sweetie and I want to make it out to Texas for Mr. Lego's BMT graduation, we decided to not go for the entire trip.

The girls though, left with my friend, and went up a day earlier than us.

We all cram into camp sites and so end up sharing the areas.

Our dining/game table.

Hanging with crazy friends.

Our Gourmet Kitchen.

For dinner this night, we had pulled pork. The moms made the pork ahead of time and then shredded it. We then reheated it in our cast iron skillets with barbecue sauce. With this we had buns, coleslaw, and beans.


We also set up the volleyball net in a nice flat area so everyone could play. The lake at this campground is so-so, but the space we reserve here is nice and shaded and there are lots of flat spots.

That night everyone meandered from site to site, talking and playing games.

Each morning our pastor led us in devotions. This year, he worked through Romans 12. We had good discussions on the gifts God has given each of us and how we can serve one another.

This was our last full day here, so our family headed with a few others to the Yuba River.

I love swimming and exploring here. The water is clean and the rocks fun to climb over.

Since we hadn't been to the lake yet, after the river we headed over there real quick so some crazy kids could do some bridge jumping.

Obviously we are doing better with water here in California this year. Last year, the only thing at the bottom of the bridge was mud.

Sweet fellowship.

Dinner our last night was tri-tip roasts done in the dutch oven, green salad and potato salad.

So glad we had this nice long table this year!

We had lots of leftovers and invited people to come sample the food.

We also got together some fellow campers for this photo:

I sent a letter and a bunch of these photos to Mr. Lego yesterday.

Finally, we had our talent show.

Taking photos was tricky because of the low light, but we had a comedy routine, a couple of little kids skits, music, and songs sung.

I love our kitchen area all lit up at night.

We played games and tried our best to not get too loud.

It was hard not to do that though, with this visit from Chewbacca.

Our last day we had bike rides,

visits from little friends,

buoy running contests,

(which inevitably ended this way),

and one last jump from the bridge.

I am thankful for this opportunity each year to get to know better other people from our church family!


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