Bay Area Weekend

Last weekend was a special weekend, for a few reasons. We headed down to the Bay Area on a Friday and didn't get back until Monday evening, and we really packed lots of activities in.

And, since this blog has now replaced my handwritten journal, you all will have to bear with me (and my photos) as I write this for my kids so they won't forget the details.

The big event of the weekend was The Wedding.

Our niece was getting married on Saturday, and since all three girls were in the wedding, we headed down early Friday to get ready.

Nails needed to be painted.

While they were getting beautified, my mother-in-love and I went on a coffee date.

The rehearsal was that afternoon.

The wedding party barely fit up in that space.

We then headed to the W's house for the rehearsal dinner.

Some people cannot take a serious photo. Ah well, after 21 years in this family I am used to it.

Bros and bros in laws.


The dessert table was amazing.

Funny story - the grooms' family lives up in our area. Come to find out, they do 4-H too and are involved with FFA. A couple of years ago my girls went up to them at our county fair and asked them to look at our animals for auction, long before we knew they would become family!

Some of the cousins.

That night we all headed to the hotel. The wedding was at 11:30 the next morning and all of the girls had to be getting their hair done and everything ready at 7:30 am.

We had the evening to kill so we had a cousin party. First, we all got our swimming suits on because we thought there would be a pool here.

Wouldn't ya think that too?

No pool, only a measly spa that would have barely fit the kids, and it was closed.

We were sad....

but only for a minute, since we decided to raid the exercise room.

Muscling it up for the mirror.

Back in our room we hung out,

made animal balloons,

and watched the Olympics while munching on popcorn and potato chips.

Next morning we were running around like crazy people, getting dressed, hair done, make-up, figuring out cuff links and suspenders on the no photos.

Out the door by 9am.

All of the Auntie's were helping coordinate things with the ceremony and reception so we set up name places, the gift table, and got everything in order.

Pretty Princesses.

Beautiful Young Ladies.

All too soon the ceremony started, in the garden at La Foret.

Caleb and Tori were married by her grandfather. He did an excellent job and only faltered slightly at the end. We all cried at that point.


Mr. & Mrs. K!

The reception was indoors at the restaurant.

The kids had a special table all to themselves.

With so many different fun thing to do! Auntie L did an amazing job with this table, and put things at each child's spot that was specific to them and their interests. And to make it even more fun there were 20+ hidden Mickey's around the room (some were hidden on clothing of certain guests) that they had to find.

My dinner plate.

There were toasts, good food, wine, and cake.

And dancing.

All of the Auntie's in two photos since it was too hard during the party to get us all in one photo.

One very cool thing that happened - I met up and got photos with both of the flower girls that were in my wedding.

My flower girls were the little ones on the left.

Tori is the littlest:

And cousin Molly was my other flower girl. Time flies!

That evening we all hung out, recovered, and had pizza for dinner.

The next day all of the family headed to the San Francisco Giants game.

We got there early, so the kids did the big slides,

and checked out the Lego baseball creations.

This is such a beautiful ballpark!

We counted and there were 22 of us here.

Our group minus a few that had to leave in the 7th inning to drive home.

Sadly the Giants lost.

But to make up for it, as we were leaving an usher told us that they were letting the kids run the bases.

It was really cool to be on the field!

They also handed out See's Candy lollipops. Which makes everything better.

Finally, our last day.

We were with the other side of the family - my family, and decided to go to the beach.

We headed north and to Pomponio State Beach.

There was wave splashing.

Massive hole digging (which we filled back up before we left),

and some crab watching.

There was actually quite a bit of wildlife there that day, which is unusual for this time of year. We saw whales, dolphins, sea otters, and quite a few crabs like the one above.

The gang, hanging in the sand.

That night we ate at Maggiano's in Santana Row. It was a lovely end to a busy, yet fun filled weekend.

I am thankful for our extended family, for their hospitality and for such a wonderful time!


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