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Math is such an important skill to learn. And algebra is a must for my high school students. Bookworm is coming to the end of her required learning, so when the opportunity came up to review LearnBop, I decided she would use it to study algebra.

LearnBop for Families Review

I received LearnBop For Families. I chose the Single Student Plan and its 12 month online subscription. They also have an option for a Family Plan, with access for two to four students.

What It Is:

I did have a higher math level in mind when I was selected for this, but LearnBop actually has levels from 3rd grade through high school. There are some activities that those in 1st and 2nd grade can do as well. The high school courses offered are algebra 1, algebra 2, and geometry.

    Setting up the account was very easy. On the teacher dashboard I chose her level as algebra. Then Bookworm got on and chose her own avatar (a celebrity chef) and took an assessment to see where she should be placed in algebra. The program then set up a Road Map for her to follow, based on how she answered questions on the assessment.

    There are thirteen units in algebra. Within these units are unit concepts. To go through the concepts, students watch numerous videos and then have Bops to solve. A Bop is basically a set of questions that cumulatively teach the concept.

    LearnBop for Families Review

    The website is very easy to navigate - at the top of the dashboard there are these tabs:
    •  Learning Roadmap - here you can see all units of algebra 1, and exactly where your student is on the map.
    • My Progress - this shows some very specific stats: all concepts the student has learned, when they accessed it, how long they spent, and the percentage of mastery of the concept.
    • Achievements - this tab shows what achievements, or medals, your students has earned. You can earn these by completing units, working for certain amounts of time in one sitting, and mastering concepts.

    How We Used This and What We Thought:

     Bookworm began the program by watching some videos. She really thought that they did a great job of explaining the concepts and giving a good understanding of the problems. There were a few videos to watch, but each one built on the previous one.

    As she began to do problems, we ran into a few issues. She was getting lots of wrong answers, even though she believed they were correct. LearnBop assumes that higher level students are working independently, so there is a button they can select if the student feels there is an error in the program. She did this, and explained the issue in the comment box. This came directly to my email inbox, and then I was able to click on a link and see her exact answer in the problem. I looked over the problem, and realized that the error was with the program. The student email has an email address in it that I then sent the issue to.

    I did like this feature; many times a student might feel that they are correct, and this way, the parent can go over their answer and confirm whether or not the student is right.

    LearnBop was very prompt in responding. They did fix that issue very quickly and she was able to move on with the concepts.

    Unfortunately, we continued to run into errors. These were not grammatical errors, but ones where she was marked incorrect when she had entered the correct answer into the field.

    The support staff was very prompt in trying to help us and did try to fix each error we found. The only problem was that they could not go in and re-do her answers, so this did drag her mastery percentage down very low.

    One thing that both she and I loved about this program were the helps. If a student got the answer wrong, the program then walked them through each of the steps or hints, of the problem. Many online programs either say "incorrect" and have the student re-try, or, just give the right answer. But LearnBop walks students through each step, in a very interactive way. This is HUGE in algebra! You can very easily miss something in one of the many steps to solve a problem, and being walked through it step by step is the best way to master concepts. This is where I felt that LearnBop really helped her to understand algebraic concepts.

    I do hope that they can work through the bugs of their program. We were unable to finish the unit because of all of the issues, but I do feel that this online math company is on the right track.

    Other Crew members reviewed other grade levels and I don't believe had as many issues as we did. Click below to see what they thought!

    LearnBop for Families Review

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