Y is For Yellow

It took me a while to think of something that started with a Y that I could blog about.

While I was going through Y words in my head, I thought of yellow.

So I endeavored to spend the week looking for all things yellow.

This yellow bowl is in my pantry - I have had it since we moved into our home,
 nearly sixteen years ago.

These yellow roses are against my back fence.
I love looking out my kitchen window and seeing their beauty.

This mug reminds me of a fun vacation we took a couple of years ago.
and, it makes Mondays more manageable. 

I just planted these yellow daisies on our deck - hoping they live through
our hot summer.

I usually have fresh yellow lemons on hand in the kitchen.
These sit in my fruit bowl on our kitchen table.

And these yellow cards are on one of our favorite family games. 
Dutch Blitz is such a fun game and we play it often.

This was an interesting excercise this week, looking for things in a certain color! It made me look more intently at things, and be more mindful of what was around me.

Blogging Through the Alphabet” style=


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