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I believe that copying good, solid sentences is an important way to teach grammar, spelling, and syntax. And so when Lifetime Membership came up for review from Homeschool Copywork, I was thrilled.

Homeschool Copywork Review

What It Is:

Homeschool Copywork was created by a fellow homeschooling mom, Amy Blevin, who is right in the trenches with the rest of us. She understands the importance of using copywork, as did Charlotte Mason, who was one of the first modern educational pioneers to recommend this method.

Copywork is simply that - taking a quote, verse, or sentence and copying it, either by printing or in cursive. Copywork not only improves handwriting, but also shows children proper punctuation rules, introduces them to rich vocabulary, and exposes them to different writing styles.

As I perused the website, I was pleasantly surprised to see pages after pages of copywork books. These are conveniently divided into three levels, Early Elementary, Upper Elementary, and Junior High-High School.

Within all of these levels are so many choices.....
  • Animal alphabets
  • Stories, like Town Mouse, Country Mouse
  • Simple poems to copy
  • Quotes by Charlotte Bronte, Jane Austen, and others
  • Poems by Lewis Carroll, Tennyson, and others
  • Numerous art studies by Van Gogh, Monet, and Da Vinci
  • Hymns
  • Scripture passages
  • Character studies
  • Much, much more!

 Most of the booklets are between 10 and 40 pages. There are handwriting options as well that include manuscript, print, lined cursive, and D'Nealian manuscript. For the scripture passages there are both ESV and KJV options.

All of these are easily downloaded and opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

How We Used This and What We Thought:

Last year Nutsy learned how to write in cursive. She didn't need a book showing her how to make the letters, but a place to practice. This was the perfect fit for this! I looked through the options and decided to start her with the Armor of God (Eph. 6:10-18).

Homeschool Copywork Review

Each verse was written on a page, with ample space to copy the verse. And I loved that there was an image to color on each page as well.

I printed off the whole book, stapled it together, and she did two pages a day.

The next one we tried was the Character Building book, and then the one on I Corinthians 13.

She loved coloring the hearts in the Corinthians book.

I found the passages to be the perfect length. The lines below were not too small and good for her writing level.

I realized that this would be a good exercise for Dasher as well so I looked into the upper levels for some books for her to do. We decided to try one of the Van Gogh art studies. Each page had a quote of his, along with a beautiful piece of art. At the beginning of the book is a short biography of Van Gogh that we read before we started the book.

As I continued to look through the books on the website I kept finding little gems.

There are longer booklets to do in the high school section, including one of John James Audobon. He lived in the 1800's and was a bird expert. That 191 page book is filled with 25 of his quotes in three different styles of handwriting.

Within some of the books are blank pages with beautiful graphics that you can have your student use to copy anything you would like.

And the wonderful thing is that Amy Blevins is continually adding to the website! On her website there is also the option to get the Full Membership, but that is limited since access to the website expires after a year. When you purchase the Lifetime Membership you get access to every book forever, plus any new ones that she adds, forever.

You can also subscribe to her newsletter and receive a free 24 page sampler, to see what these lovely books look like.

I plan to use this for years to come! The last of my children has learned the art of cursive, but I do know the importance of copywork and plan to have both younger girls use this resource in their schooling.

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Homeschool Copywork Review

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