F is for Financial Peace University

For the last couple of years, my husband and I have been listening to Dave Ramsey. He has a fun radio show, where he gives financial advice to those who call in. He also has a great plan for getting out of debt.  For the most part we follow his ideas and each month have a written budget, plan out all of our monetary goals, and use envelopes and sinking funds to save for the future.

We have really benefited from doing this. Seriously, the words financial and peace usually don't go together, but when you have a plan, sit down with your spouse and both make decisions, it takes a lot of the guessing work (and disagreements!) out of your money issues.

So a couple of months ago we decided to hold a Financial Peace University class in our home. We opened it up to our church, and have 5 other couples that are going through this nine-week series with us.

And let me tell you, it is never boring. It is DVD based, so most of the class is listening to Mr. Ramsey. And he is hilarious and on point with so many things. We also spend time discussing questions, case studies, planning budgets, and figuring out goals for the future. We also encourage one another to take control of their household finances, and plan for their future. We have had a blast each week, and I have enjoyed getting to know these families better.

Mr. Lego is taking it with us too; we are requiring both him and Bookworm to have a written budget each month, and so they have decided to use the online tool Every Dollar. Each month, they literally tell every dollar what it is going to do. They also have an emergency fund, and create sinking funds for larger purchases. Mr. Lego has been disciplined and bought both his car and laptop with cash, and Bookworm is saving up for her first car, and plans to buy it with cash too. (Scary, she is planning on getting her license next summer.)

 {Envelope System}

Written budgets really work. And it is work, and you have to be disciplined. But it really does pay off in the end.

So these are just my thoughts, on what we have learned so far. I have not been asked for my opinion or have reviewed anything by Dave Ramsey; I just know our family has been blessed by these ideas and I wanted to share them. I encourage you to think about your finances. There are other great financial speakers out there; most with good things to say. It is so important to care for the money God has blessed us with, and to manage it wisely.

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  1. I've always heard such good things about Dave Ramsey's materials. I think my daughter was looking at a teen class of his recently.

  2. Cristi, we did his high school Personal Financial class last year one semester. It was really good too!

  3. That's great! Happy for you. We required our teens to go through Dave Ramsey's Personal Finance course and it really helped them as well. Well done to your teens!


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