D is for Dinner Table

Dinner is an important meal in our home. It is the time when we all come together, talk, share, and eat good food.

Except for the our one date night each month when I am out with My Sweetie, or if the older two pull a dinner shift at their work, we all gather, at evening time to eat.

 {Christmas, 2103}

And we gather at the table. We try not to scarf down our food and quickly leave, but to have deliberate conversation. We ask questions, talk about the day, and make plans.

 {October 2006}

This can be hard, especially for some of my children, who are not talkers. Then there are the others who love to talk, so we try to use this time to draw out conversation from all.

When the children were younger we would talk about their day, things they had done, school subjects we had studied.

 {January, 2008}

Now that they are older, we sometimes talk finances, the world news (there has been plenty of that lately!), or even about their future plans.

 {My birthday, 2015}

This can be hard work! It is easy to just eat in the living room in front of the TV, or to all eat at different times, in different part of the house. It can be hard, but I can tell you that we have had some wonderful conversations while we eat. Conversations, that continue long passed when our plates are cleaned.

 {Silliness, 2015}

 I encourage you to focus your family on the dinner table. And not just the delicious food that is on it, but on the conversations that take place around it.

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  1. I love the last photo. Dinner is a wonderful time to enjoy family.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Good for you!! It looks like dinner is a special and fun time for your family.

  3. It's hard to have a family dinner with my husband's crazy work schedule and the little ones having an earlier bedtime, but I agree it is SO important to just slow down and enjoy those special moments and conversations.

    1. I totally understand, Brittney. I hesitated to focus just on the dinner table, as those important conversations can happen at any time. Blessings!

  4. That is something we have done from the beginning as well. We're not big conversationalists (no Chatty Cathys in our family!), but it's a good time to get caught up on what everyone has going on, including schedule synching. I also love that we all eat together and share the time (and the good food) together!

  5. It is sad that Family Dinners seem to happen less and less :-( I agree with you that they are the best place to have some of the best conversations. Applauding you for making sure it is a priority in your home!

    1. Thanks, Lynn. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)

  6. Wholeheartedly agree in the family table!!


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