B is for Bible Curriculum

The most important thing our family studies is the Bible. I do require my kids to have a personal Bible time each day, but we also deliberately study God's Word together. We are Reformed Presbyterian, so using the Westminster and Heidelberg Catechisms as guides are a focus.

Here are some of the resources we have used over the years.......

Big Truths For Little Kids was one of the first books we went through when the kids were younger. This book goes through the Children's Catechism and has little stories to go with them. While we were doing this, we did have our children memorize the catechism as we went through the book.

One thing I struggled with was transitioning to the Shorter Catechism. We had two of our children learning the Children's Catechism, but then they had a hard time learning the Shorter. I love, love the language of the Shorter Catechism so the younger two have only learned that one.

A great tool for learning the catechism are these lovely Children's Catechism books that my friend at the Purple Carrot makes.

As a family, we have gone through Starr Meade's Training Hearts, Teaching Minds.

Each week you study a new catechism question, and learn more about God's Word. She has also written Comforting Hearts, Teaching Minds, which is based on the Heidelberg Catechism. I am hoping to start that book sometime later this year.

Another book I have my high school students read is the Essentials Truths of the Christian Faith by RC Sproul. This book does an excellent job of over-viewing our faith.

One series of books I have been using during our school Bible time for a while now is Bible Doctrine for Teens and Young Adults by James W Beeke.

Now don't let the title mislead you, I have been using this three volume series for the last couple of years and I can easily paraphrase the contents for all my kids.

We also try to have family worship often. My Sweetie reads a chapter to all of us, we briefly talk about it, and then pray using our church's prayer guide. One thing we have found, is that we are more consistent when we don't get up right after dinner and go our separate ways, but instead stay at the table for another ten minutes for family worship.

We aren't perfect at carving out time each day to study the Bible. But I do strive to have my own personal study time, and also convey to our children how important this is to their daily life.


  1. I have Training Hearts but haven't used it yet (not good) I think I'll put it on my nightstand and take a peek at it. Thank you for reminding me about it. I actually found it on my bookshelf last week. I think I bought it a year ago or so.

    1. Oh I am glad you have it! I love the simplicity of her writing.

  2. oh some of these look quite interesting. :)

    visiting from blogging through alphabet.

  3. Love these resources. I am always looking for new Bible curriculum.

  4. Wholeheartedly agree in Bible being a very important family study :)

  5. Bible study is an area we've struggled with. We've finally managed to find some programs that seem to resonate with the boys - Grapevine and Veritas are our favorites.


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