A is for Apples

A bunch of my online friends are doing a blogging through the alphabet challenge, and it starts this week with the letter A.....

When I think of something that starts with an A, I think of apples.

Makes sense, since it is apple season here. At least once during this time, I head up to Apple Hill to get a 40 pound box or two of 'seconds' to turn into yummy things.

What are some of these things?

Applesauce is the first thing I usually make.

All I do is layer sliced, peeled apples, with a little cinnamon and nutmeg.

Then let it go for the whole day on low in the crock pot. It really cooks down and I only get 4 or 5 pints from a full crock pot, so I just stick these in jars and freeze them.

Caramel Apples are always a treat.

We melted caramel candies in the microwave, then dipped the apples into it.

Some of them then got dipped into nuts or mini chocolate chips.

One year, we tried Apple Donuts.

We used this recipe and they turned out so yummy.

And a couple of years ago I was brave and made Apple Fruit Leather. {recipe}

This was way easier than I thought, and a fun snack to have on hand.

And of course, there is Apple Pie.

Always a hit at our home.

Other things I want to try:

Apple Fritters
Apple Butter
Apple Chutney

So many yummy things......

Blogging Through the Alphabet” style=


  1. I've done apple butter (starting with store bought applesauce) in the crockpot but never applesauce from scratch. Maybe I'll try some this fall!

    Thanks for joining us Blogging through the Alphabet!

  2. oh sure... get me all hungry now for apple pie and apple fritters. :)

    Visiting from blogging through alphabet.

  3. I thought of apples, too, for this meme. Your caramel apples and donuts looks so yummy! I'll have to add them to our autumn list to try :)

  4. What yummy pictures! Applesauce is one of my favorite snacks, but I've never made it myself!


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