{Journal Entry} Beach Camping Adventure

Last week we went on our annual trip to the beach for our camping trip.

My Sweetie and I grew up much closer to the coast so we miss it, and try to get out there at least once a year. We were going with our friends and their family, for a whopping total of 18 of us.

We were at the same beach for the third year, but in a different site. This one had a great big space for our kitchen, and lots of space for the 6 tents we all fit in.

There was even a jungle-gym tree that kept the younger ones entertained.

The first night we had our traditional Lamb Stew and hung out around the fire.

The kids all were on shifts to clean up so that the moms weren't always in the kitchen.

The games started....the game we played a lot of this trip was Texas Hold 'em, courtesy of the older kids.

And my contribution to the treats? Weird chocolate covered things, from my local grocery store.

The one that took the award for strangest was the yellow one....they were coconut curry cashews.

Each day we would get breakfast going around 9am, clean up, then head to the beach with munchies around 11am.

I will never get tired of this view.

We would stake out our spot, making sure that we had a flat space near us for the volleyball court.

 The kids played in the waves....

did some boogie boarding...

and dug holes and built sandcastles.

The older bunch dug themselves a massive hole, built a sand platform which they covered with a towel, then put all their chairs down there to get out of the wind to play games.

The adults went from volleyball, to sitting on the beach, to boogie boarding. (Not my friend and I; sorry, that water is too cold.)

This time of year there is a lot of activity in the water....we saw lots of dolphins and seals.

 {You can barely see a dolphin fin above}

There was a place that we would hike up to each night to watch the sunset.

The last night we started our dinner in a cast iron dutch oven on the beach. (In a fire pit, of course.) That way we were able to stay on the beach until it was almost dark.

We had also noticed the wind picking up while we were on the beach.

When we got back to our site, the E Z Up had lost its top, and the wind was getting stronger.

 Dinner was still delicious, even though I kept picking pine needles out of my salad.

We all gathered around the fire for S'mores.....

and then decided to head inside the 5th Wheel for games, since the wind was not letting up.

And what camping trip isn't a camping trip without a visit from the critters? These guys had no shame; when they were looking for yummies, we were sitting about 30 feet away.

And that was the trip. We had a great time enjoying God's creation, hanging out with friends, and relaxing.