Co-op 2015-16

Our homeschooling co-op started up last month.

Every year it can grow, shrink, and the subjects can change based on what we think the needs of the students are. You can see how our co-op has developed over the years here.

This year we have three families with only 14 students.

I say 'only' because we graduate three children last year so it does seem a bit smaller.

Our main classes are writing, history, and science.

Youngers Science

My friend Kerri leads the Youngers in their science class, and this year they are going through Considering God's Creation, which is a study of natural creation, published by Eagle's Wings.

They will be learning about rocks, the weather, plants, insects, animals, and man.

This last couple of weeks they learned about our solar system, and made these cool dioramas. 

She spends a good 45 minutes with them each week, while they fill out multiple notebooking pages. At the end of the year, they will have an impressive science notebook, full of good information. 

Olders Science 

The older group of high school students are being taught by Yours Truly. We are doing two semesters of work this year; the first half we are doing Geology and the second half we are learning about Fossils.

I am really excited about doing this curriculum this year. Secular geology is not an option for us, so I am thankful that Patrick Nurre has created this Christian program. In Bedrock Geology we'll learn about different types of rocks, minerals, and land forms. And I love that this book focuses on a Biblical global Flood and Ice Age.


This class is taught by my friend, Kate. She really loves history and has some fun things planned for this year. We will be continuing to go through BiblioPlan's Medieval History, with a focus on the Renaissance and Reformation.

She is also utilizing a lot of hands-on projects, especially for our middle school and elementary kids. They will be putting together lap books through the year, based on what we are studying.

{Listening to Kate}

{Hands-on mapwork}


This class is once again taught by me. I love, love, love teaching writing, and using Institute for Exellence in Writing as our curriculum. I have three classes this year: the youngest two are doing Bible Heroes, a beginning writing program that is perfect for their reading level. The 'Middles' are doing Student Writing Intensive Level B. Since I have a wide range of students in this group I am going at a slower pace. And the high school students are doing Continuation Course level B. Since they are more advanced I am moving it along pretty quickly, and am emphasizing essay writing and research.

 And that is our co-op! We meet once a week and start right at 10 am, take a break for lunch at noon, then back to classes until about 2:30 or 3pm. I really appreciate our little co-op; it helps to keep me accountable and on schedule, and gives my kids someone else to be accountable to.


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