{Journal Entry} Family Reunion 2015

 We recently had our annual trip up to Oregon for our family reunion. Can you believe we have been doing this every year for 8 years?

It takes us about 8 hours to get up there, but with the late summer sun hours, we get there with plenty of time for a dip in the pool.

 The age range of all the cousins are from 4 to 18, 2 boys and 7 girls. They have a blast together.

The first full day we tried out a new place, Cascadia State Park.

So pretty.

The river was just fast enough to tube down.

 And there was a spot that was deep enough to jump into.

Mr. Lego, with one of the Uncles and a little cousin.

Having a snack.

 Each night we would sit around the big table and play card games. We played the Bean Game, Golf, Up the River, and Cocktails. A new game this year was Kemps, and we had a total laughing fit with that one.

 The next day we did one of our favorite Oregon activities, floating down the Santiam River. We have a drop off point, shuttle everyone down there, and then take the cars to the pick up spot. 

No camera, since we are truly floating at the mercy of the river. This year it was a good thing that we didn't have any valuables with us; the water was lower than normal and half of us flipped at the first rapid. It was only thigh-deep and no one was hurt, but a good thing all the kids had life vests on.

That evening we had a s'mores roast out in the backyard when it got dark.

 The last day we were getting small rain showers in the morning, so we went to a Carousel Museum. They were in the middle of creating this amazing carousel and hand carving all the animals.

That afternoon we hung around the house and yard.

Hammock swinging is always fun.

And it was just barely warm enough for a swim.

We ate amazing food the whole time; we all chipped in and my aunt and uncle were such amazing hosts.

The last night we enjoyed homemade cotton candy and popcorn....

pool volleyball....

 silly little cousins.

I am very thankful for my family; we have such a lovely time each year, catching up with one another and having a great time.

The silly photo, of course.