{Journal Entry} Delta Trip 2015

{Another journal entry, since I have quit keeping a family journal.}

For the last few years, each August we are invited by a dear friend out to her extended families' house on the delta.

There are 4 families.

Eight parents/adults.

This year more adult children came so there was a total of 20 young people, ages 8 - 23.

We went out on the boat and had rides on the couch and pancake both days; and had a wild time.

Here you can see My Sweetie and Nutsy on the couch.

And below you can see Mr. Lego and Bookworm, going backwards.

Of course yours truly had a couple of rides, and I did get dumped twice.

There was also jet skiiing.

The very first time we came here, Dasher was so freaked from her jet ski ride that she said she would never go again. That was years ago, and she is now begging Mr Jet Ski Driver to jump as high as he can.

This was Nutsy's first year on the jet ski. She wasn't too sure the first day, but this was her on the second day. (Of course she was sitting and hanging on for dear life when the thing was moving.)

When we weren't on the boat we were in the water.

Lots of swims, water fights, kayak rides, and floating.

Nutsy also had another first this trip, a flip off of the low diving board.

Crazy child.

Again and again she did this.....

The adults had a great time visiting.....

and playing volleyball. (Kids too)

Meals were all outside, since we don't fit in the house. And we ate very well.

Each morning we made these lovely donuts to go with our breakfast.

And each meal people would just find a spot on the grass to eat.

Before breakfast one morning.

And evening card games , of course.

I am so thankful that we can visit here each year and grow our friendships with some very lovely people.