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Bible is the most important subject that I teach my children. It is the reason that I homeschool, so that I can not only teach all subjects from a Christian worldview, but to also ground my children in our faith.

So I am always looking for ways to help me to do this, and this is where Prasso Ministries helps out.

Teen Prasso Review

What It Is:

I received the Teen Prasso Teacher Manual and Homework Manual.

You might think that this is an odd name for a Bible study, but the word prasso is a Greek word that means to repeat, and continually practice. That is definitely what I want my children to be doing with scripture!

The study has 13 lessons. They are meant to take about a week each, so you could complete this in one semester. The lessons cover many things including:

  •  Anger
  • Forgiveness
  • Pride and Selfishness
  • Depression
  • Peer Pressure
  • Staying Focused

And much more. 

There are three essential features to the curriculum:

First is the Student Journal. This book is meant to be filled in daily during the course of the study. Each day there are reading sections, scripture to look up, and thought questions.

Teen Prasso Review

Another component is the Weekly Teaching Lesson. These are found in the Teacher Manual, and are in a fictitious story-like format. The story follows two teenage boys who go on a hiking adventure for a week. Through the story they need to deal with all sorts of trials, settings, and situations, which are then made applicable to each chapter subject.

Teen Prasso Review

The third component is the Weekly Small Group Discussion. These are found after the Teaching Lessons. On this page is a list of questions you can use to ask your student. Although intended for a group study, this program can easily be used with a single student.

How We Used This and What I Thought:

Mr. Lego has officially graduated so I can't really use him too much in my reviews anymore. This is meant for teens so I thought it would be perfect for Bookworm to do. She did it each weekday, and spent about 25-30 minutes per day. She found a few questions easy, and a couple that challenged her. There were many thoughtful questions about what the student is struggling with, and how they should deal with the issue. Some of the questions that were easy for her asked her to either copy or paraphrase a scripture verse. Don't get me wrong, these are great exercises. But for my 15 year old, they were a little below her learning level.

At first I read her the Weekly Teaching Lesson aloud. We did find that it was slightly below her reading and understanding level. After the first lesson I let her read the lesson on her own, but I did ask her the questions off of the Small Group Discussion page. There were not only questions there, but discussion ideas as well, which I really liked. For example, in the third week there is an accident in the story. The student is asked why God would let things happen to people, and guides the teacher in going over God's attributes. 

I had mixed feelings about this program. I thought it was well put together, and while the story at times could get a bit corny, it had many great examples of real struggles that teens have today. It was very well put together for the teacher and had excellent study and discussion questions. At the beginning of the Teacher Manual is a section for teachers to read, that give insight into leading teens and how to best converse with them.

I did feel at times though, that I had a theological conflict with this program. I am Reformed, and believe that in redemption Christ is the one that chose me, and gave me faith. There were a couple of times where I disagreed with the language of the program; where it would encourage a student to 'choose Christ', or mentioning that we have 'the option' to accept or reject God's gift. But the bulk of the program was good, and even though both Bookworm and I found it to be a bit basic, I did feel that it is a good solid study guide for younger teens.

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Prasso Ministries Review

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