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Sometimes I think that teaching cursive is a dying art. But there have been so many studies done that show how important this skill is. And one of my daughters has obtrocious printing, but when I taught her cursive years ago, I could finally read her writing. And so now that I felt that Nutsy was ready, I decided to review this new cursive curriculum.

What It Is:

CursiveLogic sent me CursiveLogic Workbook, a spiral soft-cover workbook, which is all you need for the course. This method is different; instead of having your child memorize the form of each letter, they use two features to teach cursive.

First, they group all letters by shape. There are only four shapes for the entire lower case alphabet, and so each lesson focuses on a different shape. And each shape is taught in a specific order, which reinforces the pattern.

Secondly, instead of teaching each individual letter, they teach all of the letter groups in letter strings. From the very first lesson, these strings teach students how to connect letters correctly.

How do they do this?

With a few cues:

Theme colors are used for each string. For example, the first string your child learns is the Orange Oval. There is also emphasis on the verbal cues, as students learn rhythmic chants to help them remember the path of each letter.

How We Used This and What I Thought:

As I said above, I felt it was high time to have Nutsy learn cursive, so about 4 weeks ago we began this course. We found the instructions easy, and the pages self explanatory. There is a section at the beginning of the workbook that explains the technique in detail for parents.

She was excited because very quickly into the book she was writing actual words. Since we weren't doing too much other school this last month we were able to progress through the book faster than normal. We got about two-thirds of the way through the book and I am very happy with how easily she writes in cursive now. I also like it that the workbook is to the point, without any distractions from silly cartoon characters or images.

I looked over the website and read how older children can benefit from this as well. And that is exactly what Dasher needs! She has struggled with connecting the letters in her cursive, which is really alleviated with this method, which teaches the letter connection from the start. And because there aren't any 'youngish' type illustrations, this program could really be used with any age. I am planning on purchasing her a workbook to use beginning in September.

I really encourage you to teach your children cursive. Cursive is so important and helps with language skills, memory, and critical thinking.  I also encourage you to give CursiveLogic a try; it really helped our family and I know it will help yours.

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