My Garden

It has been a while since I have posted about my garden....I love having it, but I am not that great at gardening.

And we are now at T-minus 26 days until fair, so it is a miracle I have gotten anything planted at all.

 First off, my deck. (With the cat-that-is-not-our-cat.)

With my new picnic table!

I love having this table out here. Most weekends we grill and love eating outside. Although we don't do it too much in the summer.....too hot most days.

On the deck are my flowers and vegetables. The parts of my yard that get the most sun are the deck and fence line, and as you'll see below, I couldn't bear to pull out my beautiful roses to put in veggies.

I have two cucumber plants this year, one in each of my large pots. One is a Japanese cucumber, and the other is just a normal variety.

I have three Earth Boxes in use this year, and I am doing an experiment with them. I had one fertilizer kit from the Earth Box company left over from last year so that kit went into this box.

Those kits seem expensive to me, so I went ahead and did some research and bought some fertilizer and lime and did it myself, in these two boxes.

We'll see what happens.....I mostly did hybrid, indeterminate tomatoes; there is one heirloom Brandywine plant in there.

Here is my colorful corner. A friend gave me that tiered planter, and I hung those other basket thingys. (They had been in our little shed for the last two years.)

Turning around to see the other part of the yard......

And there are my roses.

They go all along the back fence, and every time I see them out my kitchen window, I smile.

Can't get enough of these beauties.

There are two raised beds against the other fence.

This one is the strawberry bed. We have picked a couple berries, but those darn slugs keep putting holes in my almost ripe ones. So my weapon of choice is a shallow container of beer. The little suckers get in there, get drunk (I assume they get drunk), and drown. Works pretty well.

The other bed is my herb bed. In here I have oregano and rosemary from last year, and I planted beets, radishes, and basil a few weeks ago.

 And against the house are my big half wine barrels.....these I am using to grow a lettuce mix in. My plan is to plant a barrel every three weeks or so; this was my first planting which was a little late.

Hey, I know those girls! They are on the side of the house, playing in our sandbox. I will tell you, that was one of the best things we built out there. They absolutely love being in it, and have villages, forests, and all sorts of adventures out there.

So that is the garden. Not too much, but enough that there is color out there, and Lord willing some nice ripe tomatoes in a few months.


  1. Hey! I thought lettuce was a winter thing! Keep me posted on how they do...I didn't plant any this summer 'cuz the package said 'cool weather plant'.

  2. lol Tyne, I will! I planted them in full shade. Last year I was getting lettuce until almost July. Then it was too hot. :)

  3. *Tyna* :) I was typing too fast.


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