Today my son, my firstborn, is 18.

Pinch me, because I really don't believe it.

Where did the time go?

When did he go from this:
(Click here to read more about when he arrived...)

To this?

Like it or not, it is here, and he is now considered an adult.

And in honor of that occasion, I decided to do a little internet research about turning 18 in the state of California.

It is a big deal, actually, and is officially called the Age of Majority.

Here are some things that an 18 year old can do:

  • Rent your own apartment
  • Buy or sell property
  • Buy a car on your own
  • Enter into a legal contract without parental consent
  • Vote in elections
  • Marry without parental consent
  • Join the military without parental consent
  • Can smoke
  • An adult in the eyes of the law
  • Assume liability for traffic accidents and violations
  • Serve on a jury
  • Can buy a rifle or shotgun
  • Can be sued

The only thing I can think of that he can't do is drink (age 21) or rent a car (age 25).

This is a big list.

My first thought when I read it was that it was a scary one.

But then I thought again. This list is made up of responsibilities.

The responsibility to vote. The responsibility to be totally and completely responsible for any traffic violations or accidents. (Before 18, parents can be held legally responsible for damage.) The responsibility to be MARRIED. (That is a big one.)


And then I thought, have I given him the tools for this?

Have I trained him to be responsible with his time, resources, and finances?

Questions, that to some I can say "yes"; and others, I say "I hope so".

And that is where God's grace comes in for sure. I can look over my years of parenting and see so many places where I messed up. Where I wasn't consistent enough, wasn't patient enough, and maybe didn't push him hard enough at times.

But that is one of the reasons I did homeschool him, engage him in conversations about his faith, require that he attend church, and push him to do things; like get a job, and take a college class.

But in the end, I can only show him the way, not make him walk there.

And it is up to him, and the grace God will bestow on him.

And I can pray. (As I have done since the day he was born!)

Pray that his heart will remain soft towards Christ and His mercy, and that he would cling to Him on the many paths he is to go on.

Happy Birthday, my son. I know I have not been the perfect mother, but know I love you so much, and want the best for you. Cling to Christ and His gospel, and know that He is there for you always.

{Why I don't have too many photos of this guy.}


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