{Journal Entry} California Adventure

This is my last vacation entry. :-)

We went to California Adventure on the third day of our vacation, and then went back there for half of the day on the fifth day.

First thing, we got our Fast Pass for Radiator Springs in Cars Land. We had been warned that it was popular and it certainly was.

Our first ride was one of our favorite ones - Soarin' Over California. If you have never been on this ride then you need to try to get to CA and ride it; the experience is amazing. And it was great to hear the squeals and laughter from my brood as they experienced it for the first time.

Then we started wandering through the park.....it was very un-crowded (except for Radiator Springs) so we followed my schedule pretty loosely.

Grizzly River Run was another good one.....

Nutsy wasn't really that put out because she got soaked.

This was another ride that Dasher wasn't too sure about, but after her SIXTH time on it, she was loving it.

Having fun with the cameras again.....

This ride was another really fun one: Toy Story Midway Mania.

You wear the 3D glasses and then by pulling the gun in front of you, shoot balls at an interactive arcade. It was super accurate; the thing is keeping score between you and your partner and it is fun to see who wins.

We did all the carnival-like rides at Paradise Pier; these swings were one of my favorites because it feels like you are flying.

The kids loved Goofy's Sky School. This thing jerked you around corners so fast that I sat out with My Sweetie and let them go a few times on their own.

Guess I am getting older.

Finally, we headed to Cars Land.

The photos don't do it any justice; this area was very well put together. The kids kept saying that it was like we were really in the cartoon.

And Radiator Springs did not disappoint.

The end is the best part, when you are racing the other car next to you.

The other new ride was Tower of Terror.

{Waiting in line}

This ride was incredible. At one point Nutsy's lanyard was floating in the air in front of us; we were literally weightless for a second.

 Here, we are having fun with the photos taken of us on Tower of Terror.

 The lines in CA were great; the longest we waited was about 20 minutes.

The last day of our vacation we starting noticing something.

People, lots of young people actually, were dressed to the nines.

Seriously, at least a quarter of the people we were walking past looked like this. Was there going to be some kind of flash mob?

After a while we stopped a lovely looking couple, and asked what was going on. And today, was Dapper Day. It is an unofficial Disney event that started in 2011 and has grown to over 20,000 people. Basically twice a year dressed up, stylish people come to the parks.

 It was actually really fun walking around with them all; they were very nice and had incredible costumes. And the lines were still not that long.

 CA at night was so beautiful.

And Cars Land was all lit up. That canyon really looked like the real thing.

We ate lunch one day at Flo's....really fun diner-type food.

 The whole pier shuts down for Wonderful World of Color. We are usually not big show people, so we didn't get Fastpass tickets to it, which meant we had to watch it from the backside.

It was still spectacular, but next time we'll get Fastpass so we can see the whole thing and not hear a funny echo the whole time.

And since this is my last entry I will share what we did on Saturday, our last day there.....we were gifted a trip to Goofy's kitchen! 


We started with breakfast, had some lunch stuff, and then hit the dessert table.

And had some fun characters come by and say hi.

Before we headed out, we walked one last time down Downtown Disney.

And got Starbucks treats for the drive home.

 What a blessing it was to be able to take this vacation! Mr. Lego is 4 months away from turning 18 and is in his last year of high school. Who knows where all the members of our family will be in even 5 years? So I am so grateful that we were able to spend a week together in such a wonderful place.


  1. I'm so glad you guys had a great vacation! :)

  2. Thanks Shecki! Lots of the advice you gave me was helpful! :-)


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