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I love reading about history.

I don't think I could ever get tired of learning more about things that happened in the past. As I look through my bookshelves of history resources, I notice that we tend to have lots of resources for American history. The Renaissance and the  Middle Ages have a few, but Ancient times, namely Biblical times, are sparse.

This is where these iWitness books from Apologia Educational Ministries are a welcome addition to my library.

Apologia Review

What They Are:

I received three books:

Old Testament iWitness
iWitness Biblical Archaeology
New Testament iWitness

Apologia Review

Written and designed by Doug Powell, these well made books are a wonderful historical resource.

All of these books focus on proofs, or historical and archeological facts, that prove the authority of the scriptures. Some of the things covered in each book:

  • The Old Testament iWitness book: Septuagint, Major and Minor Prophets, Dead Sea Scrolls, Canonization, and the Intertestemental Period. (The time between the Testaments)
  • New Testament iWitness: Athanasuis, Church Fathers, Apostolic Fathers, Hymns and Creeds, and Copies of the Testament.
  • iWitness Biblical Archaeology: The Flood, House of David Inscriptions, Hadrian and Constantine, and Jesus' burial shroud.

Apologia Review
As you can see, the subject matter covers everything that pertains to scripture, and continues beyond Revelation and into the second and third centuries.

Some of the interesting things we read were that there were actually rejected books of the New Testament. Books written after the Apostolic Age, (when Christ's disciples were still living, and could correct any other teachings) were dismissed and a few were forged in the name of some Apostles. I found the stories of the Dead Sea Scrolls fascinating; I doubt my children would remember, but about ten years ago we were able to see the Dead Sea Scrolls when they toured through our area. It was thrilling to learn about these amazing documents and how they proved the infallibility of scripture.

I also read aloud section of the Biblical Archaeology book to the younger girls; it was fascinating to see how stories of the Flood were recorded in other cultures. There was even a section on the location of Noah's Ark, and the difficulties that man has had in trying to find this elusive ship.

Apologia Review

What You Get:

Each of these paperback books is approximately 6x9 inches in size.  They are of excellent quality, with all glossy pages. They format is engaging and is not in traditional textbook form, but rather it is a collection of notes, written as historians or archeologists would have record information. The fonts were a little hard to read and when I gave this to Dasher she struggled with reading it a bit, but I was able to decipher the print and we read it together.

Each book is meant for readers 11 years and up and is $14 each. They come with convenient Bibliography's at the conclusion of each book, which could very easily be used for further study on the subject. 

Interspersed throughout the pages are photographs, depictions of art, and other illustrations which bring the subject matter alive. There are also diagrams, drawings, and timelines that aid in understanding.

How We Used This And What We Thought:

I used this two different ways. First, I gave it to Bookworm to read, Last year, we spent the entire year learning Ancient History, with a Biblical emphasis. So these book really did cover all that we learned. She read them over a week, and felt like they gave new insight to what she learned last year. She did comment that at times the fonts were hard to read; but she was able to get through it and enjoyed the books.

I also read portions of these aloud to Nutsy and Dasher. It was fascinating, to watch their minds explore Biblical history from an archaeological perspective. They loved the stories about The Exodus, and how we have proof in the Ipuwer Tablets, of different plagues that struck Egypt. The parallels found in both the Scriptures and archaeology are proofs that the Bible is infallible.

I am excited to add these books to our history bookcase. When we come back around to Ancient History in a few years they will be a welcome resource to our library.

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