Universal Studios {Journal Entry}

After we had done Sea World, and one day at Disneyland and California Adventure, we headed to Universal City and to Universal Studios.

We tried avoiding traffic by leaving a little later but let's just face it, no matter what time you are on a freeway in LA, there is some sort of traffic.

It took us about 45 minutes to get there.

After we got into the park, we decided to take the Studio Tour first so we knew what Universal was all about. (Duh, movies.)

The tour was interesting, and took us through the stages, offices, and sets.

This was the old west set.

 There was also a cool airplane crash scene, a Jaws scene, and a creepy guy (actor) at the Bates Hotel who tried to freak out the last row of the tour. (We happened to be in the second to last row.)

The San Francisco earthquake was pretty cool too.

The only bummer with the tour was that the gigantic King Kong 360 3D didn't work. Our tram sat there for about ten minutes but we had to skip it and move on.

Our first ride was Jurassic Park.

 I had written up short details about each of the rides at the parks and so we knew there was an 85 foot drop somewhere in the ride.....

Obviously before the drop.....

The animatronics were okay;  the next day we went back to Disneyland and went on the train, and the dinosaurs in the tunnels seemed more real than these.

Okay, here comes the drop.....

And we did survive. The surprising thing is that you drop mostly in the dark, and only come out at the end.

We did everything in the Lower Lot, which included Transformers and Revenge Of The Mummy.

The Mummy was in indoor in-the-dark roller coaster, which was fun because you had no idea where you were going. Then when you got to the end, the thing sent you backwards all the way through again.

Transformers turned out to be a great ride; it is 3D, with really impressive flight simulation. You felt heat, mist and really thought you were in the Transformer Movie.

Then we headed to the Upper Lot.

Waterworld was a must see, and it did not disappoint.

The actors entertained us before the show began, by squirting unsuspecting guests as they tried to find seats.

This was one of the best action shows I had seen; there were fist fights, jet skis jumping (and splashing), fireballs, and an airplane that seems to fly in and crash.

Watching this made me think of theater, and how people were entertained before television.

We never got on the Simpson Ride...that line was 45 minutes long, and the Front Of The Line Passes that we each got for the broken tram ride didn't work on it. (We used it for Jurassic Park, our last ride of the day when the wait was 25 minutes.)

We watched the Special Effects Stage Show; 20 minutes of stuff we kind of already knew about how they do special effects in movies.

And we also watched Shrek 4-D; again, not really worth it.....A Bug's Life in California Adventure which was also 4D was way more fun.

Next up was Despicable Me.

I love those minions, and had to get a photo of my minions.

The ride was good; you sat on a roller coaster car, but the ride was 3D with a motion simulator. The wait in the line (10 minutes) was just as good as the ride, because Gru is up there entertaining you on a big screen.

You exit the ride into Super Silly Fun Land; a carnival like area with a couple of kiddie rides.

But we were very interested in this:

There was this huge water play structure and since it was 95 degrees out today, we all got a bit wet.

The kids lured My Sweetie out onto a platform where they knew buckets of water were being dumped randomly....and yup, he got soaked.

One thing Universal Studios had that was awesome was water misters. They were in every line, and almost at every corner. Those were very nice to walk through.

There were a few cute little streets to explore too.

The food here was not that great.....we all had pizza or corn dogs for lunch and they were so-so.

Before the park closed we went back down to the Lower Lot and rode those rides all over again. (After Waterworld, that was the best part of the park.)

The only person in our family who had ever been here before was My Sweetie, so I was really glad we got go here.

For dinner we went to City Walk (right there outside the park), and all picked stuff from a food court to eat.

Stayed tuned to hear what we did in California Adventure!


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