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Do you ever wonder how you can keep things together with your homeschooling? Do you wish for a system that can not only keep track of everything your child does, but also tells them what to do?

Then read on, and learn more about My Student Logbook.

My Student Logbook Review

What It Is:

My Student Logbook is simply a way to schedule and give assignments. You can choose from a variety of covers; I decided to have Dasher, who is 13, do this and since she loves animals I got her the 2014-15 Dated Sea Life one.

My Student Logbook Review

Inside the first few pages are the instructions. This product is very simple to use; simply tear out a Checklist page and wrap it around the first week you plan to begin. You can secure it with tape; we had run out of tape so I stapled the page to the calendar and it worked fine. You can see a YouTube tutorial here that explains how to set up and use the Logbook.

Then, list the subjects your child should do each week.

 There are quite a few blank Checklist pages, so if your subjects change you can just tear out another Checklist page and attach it to that next Calendar week.

On the Checklist page there is space to put 20 different things; you definitely won't run out of lines! There is also a space on the right labeled "Time"; this is a spot where you can indicate how long your student should spend on a certain task. This is something I use a lot; for both Nusty and Dasher they are required to read for a certain amount of time each day.

 You can see that there is not a space to put specific assignments; this is where I did want a place to put page numbers or exact assignments for the kiddos.

So after a week, I decided to use the space under each day to put specific assignments. This worked pretty well and told Dasher what pages she needed to do in handwriting, geography, and grammar.

She liked being able to see her schedule at a glance and being able to check off the things one by one. I could see how younger children could use this, as well as my senior in high school; this schedule can definitely be used by all ages.

Speaking of high school students the author of My Student Logbook, Corina Abbott, has a guide in the beginning of the Logbook that gives helpful hints for high school transcripts, credits, grading, and counting work done outside of class hours. This was especially helpful since I have TWO high school students this year, and transcripts is something I am dealing with.

What You Get:

Each of these Logbooks comes spiral bound, with a protective plastic cover, and is a standard 8x11". They are $15 each, and come in different formats:

  • Undated (You fill in the dates on each Calendar page)
  • Dated (Aug 2014-Aug. 2015) 
  • Calendar Year (Jan-Dec. 2015)
  • PDF (all of the above versions, for $10-20)

 There are also some bonus pages in the back:

  • All About Me - this page has fun questions for your student to answer. Favorite subject, color, animal, things to do, and other interests are asked. This is a great keepsake from year to year to have.
  • Prayers And Goals - a lined page to fill in.
  • Bible Verses Memorized - again, a lined page to list the references of verses learned.
  • Books Read - 3 lined pages with a space for the title, author, time spent reading, and subjects covered.
  • Events, Projects, Field Trips, Activities, Etc. - a place to put all of those things that you do outside of the classroom.
  • Test Records - on these pages there is a space for the date, test and score.
  • Year Highlights - a page to record memories and special moments. 
Covers just about everything, doesn't it?

How We Used This And What We Thought:

Like I said above, I had Dasher use this book. I went ahead and filled out her subjects on the Checklist page.

The first week was hard because really, all the schedule told her to do was math, or grammar. She was constantly coming to me, asking me what page numbers she needed to do. So that second week I decided to write in each of the day boxes, the page numbers she needed to do.

For those subjects that she did not do every day, I would put a box, so she would know to do it on that day. She would then X the box when she completed the task.

This worked really well and was how we continued to use this; I do realize that for older students that small box might not be enough space to put their more complicated assignments.

The third week I noticed all of the space I was not using towards the bottom of the Checklist and had an AH-HA moment....why not use this as a chore list too?

The calendar at the top of the page goes Sunday through Saturday, so putting chores on here was very easy. I could put laundry on certain days, her vacuuming chore which is on Fridays.... all on this nifty schedule that tells her what to do.

Even though there were times when I did wish that there was more space to write specific assignments, I really liked this student planner. Dasher is a highly visual child and loved seeing the boxes being checked off, one by one. I loved it that I could sit down and in an afternoon, plan out a semester of her schooling. And by keeping this book, we have a record of what she has done this year, plus all of those fun pages in the back.

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