My Week In Images

 This roadside vegetable stand.....

 because I love getting my produce there.

This bowl of tomatoes.....

because they were from my mother in law, which made them all the more special.

These sweet girls.....

because they won't stop growing, even though I ask them very nicely.

This delicious plate of food.....

because I had fun making it up as I went.

This surprise party.....

because my husband planned it all and pulled it off, just for me.


  1. That's great! My husband planned a surprise party for my 40th bday too, last year.... at our own house! He did the same thing for my 30th. :-) I hope you had a wonderful time!

  2. That is neat, Lisa! And now you are all prepared to be surprised on your 50th, right?? :-)


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