{Crew Review} UberSmart Math Facts

Looking for a way to review those math facts? Then UberSmart Software might be just the thing for you.

UberSmart Math Facts Review

What It Is:

UberSmart Software has a wonderful math review program called UberSmart Math Facts. Meant for ages K-6th, this no-frills math review system is perfect for homeschoolers.

Before you begin, you create an account for each of your students. This way, you can create a custom set of math flashcards for each of them to work through.

How does this work?

Learn: This section of the program teaches the math facts. There are two sub-sections: Beginner and Intermediate.The Beginner flashcards are dots, which look like the dots on a dice. Your student will see the problem come up on the screen, with multiple choices for the answer. They will select "show", and then the correct dice top is left remaining.

UberSmart Math Facts Review
{In this example the dice showing 3 is the correct answer}

In Intermediate, the math fact is shown (5+5; or 6+7) and then when "show" is clicked, the answer is given.

Practice: This part focuses on repetition of the facts. You can choose from three different ways to do this. The first is Dot Cards (Beginner). These appear exactly as they did in the Learn section, but now, your child must choose which of the dice shows the correct amount. The second practice option is Keyboard Entry (Beginner). On the screen a one or two digit number will appear, and your child must enter the same number using the keyboard.

UberSmart Math Facts Review

The third way to use Practice is Flash Cards (Intermediate). The math facts are given in flashcard fashion and the student will enter the correct answer using the keyboard. All of these exercises are timed so this can give added incentive to your kiddos.

Test: There are two different types of tests to take: Assessment Test (Beginner) and Mastery Test (Intermediate). Both of these are assessment type tests. They vary in length, depending on how many facts your child can recall. At the end of the assessment is a report; this tell you in what sections they excelled, where they had problems, and which sections they could not complete based on their ability. The Mastery Test covers all four math areas; addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Compete: This section is a timed flash card exercise. Your student chooses their age range (elementary, middle school, high school, or adult) and what math facts area they want to be tested in. Then the timer begins and the math facts start. At the end of the exercise, they are told in what percentage they fall with the average population.

UberSmart Math Facts Review

What You Get:

With your download, you will receive access for up to eight math students. And for only $24.95 this is really a great deal. You can also purchase a Professional Version for classroom schools. And it conveniently works with Windows 7, 8, XP, and Vista.

You can customize each of your students accounts, and after the Assessment Test, will know exactly what they need to work on. On the home screen is a Report Tab; here you can see their progress in all areas, how quickly they answered questions, and their percentage of correct answers. You can also change small things within each account under the Maintain Tab, such as the seconds per problem, or the upper limit of the multiplication and division questions. The multiplication and division problems do go from 9's to 20's.

How We Used This And What We Thought:

I had both of the younger girls using this the last month or so. It was the perfect time to be reviewing our math facts....those facts that I didn't want to lose during the summer. I went in and customized each of their accounts so that they were working right where they had left off when we stopped school for the summer. 

Nusty was working on her addition and subtraction facts. I had her take the assessment which showed that she needed help with subtraction. This was the perfect fit for her; repetitiveness is key with math facts and I saw a marked improvement in her speed. She really liked the timed exercises in the Compete sections and kept trying to get a better percentage.

Dasher is struggling right now with her multiplication facts. This was where I did like being in control of what she worked on; she works best when working with just the x2 facts, or x10 facts, so I would go in and enter what I wanted her to work on. She did not care for the timed sections of this product; those type of things make her nervous and she gets upset when she can't think of the answer and has the clock counting down for her. This was where I was very appreciative of the ability to turn off the clock (even though it did keep running and told me how long it took her). I was also able to go in and adjust how long she was given to answer the questions.

Now if I would have asked my girls what they thought of this product, there would have probably been some groans. But seriously, who enjoys going over math facts? This is one of the many things that we have to learn, and like it or not, it is a part of our school life. I really did like the no-frills way that UberSmart helped my girls become more proficient at their math facts.

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