{Journal Entry} 4th of July Week

This blog is many things....a place where I share recipes, my thoughts, reviews, and photos. And since I started this thing way back on July 14th, 2009 (5 years ago!) I have quit my handwritten journal.

So from time to time, you will need to bear with me, as I 'journal' on here. Someday, I hope my kids can look back on these posts, and remember their childhood.

We spent three days up at our friend's house for our annual 4th party, with three other families.

There was lots of Corn Hole....

...and trampoline jumping.

Good conversations.....

...and lots of time spent in the pool.

I love that all these all kids hang out together.....when everyone is here, including grandkids, we have 24 kids, ages 2 to 22.

These girls crack me up.

It takes lots of food to feed everyone, and we all split up the meals.

Our adult treat this year? Homemade Sangrias.

We would dip in the pool, then go play volleyball.

No idea what is happening in this photo....funny how the camera can freeze things!

And at night we played fun games.

This is the amount of salsa you need, thanks to my friend Kate.....

And it went perfectly with our goat chalupa.

Seriously, goat meat is very yummy, and tastes like beef. You need to try it....

It was a fun filled- three day adventure!


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