Learning Wrap Ups {Crew Review}

Do you ever wonder what fun educational things you could have your kids do over the summer? Or, do you have a tactile child, that loves hands-on learning?

Then look no further, Learning Wrap ups might just be the thing for you!

Learning Wrap-Ups Review

What are Learning Wrap Ups?  In short they are a hands-on way to learn not only math facts, but reading skills as well.

I received two sets from Learning Wrap ups; 4th Grade Math Learning Palette 1 Base Center Kit($71.99)and the  2nd Grade Reading 1 Base Center. ($61.99)

Learning Wrap-Ups Review

First of all, let me explain what the Learning Palette is. The learning palette looks exactly like an artist's palette,

There are brightly colored discs, which the student places around the palette depicting where the answer is for that question.

In the Math Kit, there are 6 different curriculum packs. These cover:

  • Whole Numbers (adding and subtracting 4 to 5 digit numbers, place value, word problems)
  • Fractions (equivalent fractions, adding and subtracting, simplifying, mixed fractions)
  • Decimals and Percents (ordering decimals, rounding, adding and subtracting)
  • Geometry & Measurement (finding perimeter, area, and volume, symmetry, and graphing)
  • Probability and Statistics (finding mean and median, determining likelihoods, using data graphs)
  • Algebra Concepts (solving for unknown, identifying number patterns, value of shapes)

Inside each pack are 12 wheels. Each wheel is placed on the palette. In the center of the wheel are the questions. Next to each question in the center you can see a colored dot....

Then on the outside of the wheel are the answers.

 Your student will look at each question, find the answer on the outer part of the wheel, and then choose the correct disc.

On this wheel below Dasher is matching decimals and fractions.

The correct answer to the one that she is on is 0.15.

So she will take the blue solid disc and put it next to 15/100

The Reading Kit covers:

  • Grammar (capitals, pronouns, verb understanding, prepositions, present/past tenses)
  • Reading Comprehension (understanding word meaning, context tools, critical thinking)
  • Word Usage (abbreviations, adjective meanings, inflection ending s)
  • Vocabulary (high-frequency words, synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms)
  • Capitalization & Punctuation

These follow the same exact idea, but are teaching grammatical concepts.

The Reading Comprehension ones were good for Nutsy. She needed help with a few of the words but could do this mostly on her own.

And it is very easy to check and see if you have all of the answers right....simple flip the card over to see.

The colors match! All of them are correct.

Some of the wheels are split down the middle. This makes it easier, especially when there are some answers that are very close to one another.

 I gave these to Nutsy and Dasher to do. Dasher learns so much better with hands- on things, and I found that the need for coordination and memory was something she needed work on. When she would figure out an answer she not only had to remember the answer, but remember which disc to put in the correct space. I could literally see her brain thinking at times, and she ended up coming up with a system to help her remember where she was.

I also received 10 Days to Multiplication Mastery Wrap up and Book Combo. ($12.99)

Learning Wrap-Ups Review

This I also did with Dasher. She has really struggled with her multiplication facts. She can memorize the facts, but has a very hard time translating the numbers into word problems.

We spent about 20 minutes a day working through the workbook and using the Wrap up. The consumable workbook has the child learn each multiple in turn. Some of the activities are doing both horizontal and vertical multiplication problems, commutative activities, and word problems. Her favorite thing to do was the timed pages. Here, she either wrote the answers to the multiple questions or did the Wrap up, and then I timed her. There is a space to record her time at the bottom and she loved trying to beat her times each day. Math is harder for her, so we did take longer than 10 days to go through the workbook. I do feel that doing the Wrap up really helped her to memorize her multiplication facts.

I also received the 10 Days to Addition Mastery Wrap up and Book Combo. ($12.99) This was the perfect fit for Nutsy. She knows most of her addition facts already so I was able to have her use this a a math review. We did do this in 10 school days (2 weeks) and she came away with a better recall speed of the math facts.

The workbook is in a similar fashion to the 10 Days to Multiplication Mastery. She especially liked the beginning page; each day, as you add more math facts that you have learned, you can color in the facts on a big number fact graph. This was a great way for her to see her progress. She also really enjoyed using the Wrap up and got pretty fast at "wrapping" her answers

I also received the Learning Wrap up Vocabulary Intro Kit. ($35.99) I had no idea that there were vocabulary Wrap ups and we incorporated them into our daily review time. If you aren't familiar with Wrap ups, let me explain them to you...

They have a string attached to the top. The student matches the first word on the left (or number, in the case of the math Wrap ups) with the correct answer on the right.

Dasher is doing this one and she is trying to figure out what the antonym of night is...

They continue to wrap their way down to the bottom, and then secure it in the notch.

And the cool thing? You flip the Wrap up over, and you can see immediately if you are correct.

You can tell that she got a couple wrong, since the track of the line is visible and not covered by the string.

The Vocabulary Intro Kit comes with four Wrap ups:

  • Compound Words (shoe-lace, kick-board, ware-house)
  • Antonyms (push-pull, laugh-cry, hit-miss)
  • Synonyms (rich-wealthy, amuse-entertain, agile-spry)
  • Homonyms (seize-grab, pail-bucket, poll-survey)

Each Wrap has 10 different panels, giving you 120 different word combinations.

These were great and were so easy to incorporate into school. I spend time with each of the kids each school day, doing what I call School With Mom. We going over their math lesson, do phonics and reading, and I help the older ones with any problem areas they are having. So as you can imagine, I am in high demand and sometimes need something for hands to do while they are waiting for my attention. These Wrap ups were perfect for  this. I could either put on the timer and have them do the Wraps during that time, or ask them to do 5 panels and see if I had finished by then.

The Learning Wrap up Math Intro Kit,(59.99) which comes with all four Wrap ups (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), is perfect for this kind of thing. Even my older kids would use them, timing each other and seeing how quickly they could do the multiplication and division Wraps.

I think these would be the perfect for summer use. It is a fun way to review math facts and reading comprehension, and is excellent for those that appreciate a more kinetic style of learning. Or, this can be something that you do throughout the school year, to solidify those math facts and gain a greater grasp of language and reading comprehension.

I received two physical levels of math and reading, but if you are a more of an online person and would like access to all levels, Learning Wrap Ups has an online version at Learningpalette.com. You can purchase a family subscription (up to 5 students)  for $60 and get access to all levels of the reading and math palettes for an entire year.

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