The 2014 Sacramento County Fair

It is done.

After spending 6 days of getting up at 6am, cleaning out stalls, getting ready for shows, and staying late, some nights until 10pm, we are done.

And then I needed a few days to do laundry, sleep in, and clean all those things that didn't get cleaned for the last week and a half.

So in case you were interested, here is a recap of our fair.

We started on Tuesday with our decorating.

We always have Red, White, and Blue as our fair theme and this year we were smart and saved most of our decor from last year.

The next day was weigh in and we found out that:

Katniss (Mr. Lego's) was 93 pounds
Stewart (Bookworm's) was 83 pounds
Oscar (Dasher's) was 95 pounds.

This was great news!

We spent the afternoon practicing and getting our goats used to walking on AstroTurf, the stuff that was now in our show ring.

Thursday the fair opened and we had both the market and showmanship competitions.

Here we were getting the goats ready.....

Bookworm, walking her goat. Stewart behaved much better that her goat from last year.

Driving the goat to show off the meat....

Then, each exhibitor drove their goat in the middle while the judge talked about their meat. We didn't do that great in market, but at least we were deemed market ready and made weight.

Mr. Lego and Dasher were in the next market class and they did about the same.

That afternoon was showmanship.

Dasher was in the novice junior class, since she had never shown goat before.

She did super well and ended up winning the novice class.

This moved her up, and she competed with the juniors.

This was getting exciting, and as we watched the judge start separating the exhibitors I didn't know if she could do it. But she did, and won junior goat showmanship!

Next it was the seniors.

The competition was tight....

And the final results? Mr. Lego got 3rd place and Bookworm won senior showmanship.

Which meant I had two girls in both master showmanship classes. Crazy.

The next couple of days they worked hard with other species....

There were a few people that were super helpful and gave us lots of tips....

Here you can see Bookworm helping the girl who had won steer, learn how to show goat. This is one thing about 4H, usually the kids in master help one another.


We also had fun with friends one night, doing rides.

Finally master showmanship.



Dairy cattle...


Dairy goat....



 And they were both competing at the same time so My Sweetie and I were running between the two, videoing and taking photos.

And the results? Bookworm got 7th and Dasher got 6th! They did so well, just getting into masters, and they are both determined to improve and get into masters again.

Finally, we had auction day.

This year we did something new and the kids aggressively went looking for buyers to ask them to look at their animals.

This was a good stretch for them, talking to strangers, selling themselves and their animals.

And then in the auction ring....

They all did great and made enough to do the goat project again next year!

The very last day of fair, Nusty had the opportunity to show diary goats.

 She showed a Lamancha and did a great job.

The county fair this year was such a great experience and worth all of the tired mornings, smelly clothes, hard work, and all the practicing they did.

 Great job, guys!


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