My Week In Images

Goat training.....

because I love the hard work and discipline that my kids put into it.

My living room floor....

because it makes me happy that my youngest two still love to make towns with the Lincoln Logs, blocks, and train sets.

This sunrise....

because it made waking up on the first Monday of the New Year more bearable.

These fun bracelets.....

because even though I am finding the little bands everywhere, I am loving it that my girls enjoy making them.

This crazy bird....

because every time we are in the kitchen he tries to get our attention and flies over our heads. Here he is getting ready to play with my counting blocks


  1. My son got a set of Lincoln Logs for Christmas and he loves them. Great pictures.

  2. We love them too! And thanks for stopping by my blog. :-)

  3. So much of this rang true for me! Your living room floor looks JUST like my living room floor and I got all giddy inside, realizing my kids could still be playing with those blocks and things when they're older. I played with my Playmobil until I was 15 and I desire my kids do the same.

    Also, the bands. I have such a love/hate relationship with them! Between finding the bands every.where and having tears when the much labored over bracelets get twisted or fall apart before they're tied off.... it can be quite the issue :)

  4. Yes Stef, I love it when they play with those toys! It also makes me think of the future grandkids.... these are the sturdy, well made toys that I plan to keep for them. :-)

    And we have had bracelet meltdowns too! Life is so real.

    Love you, friend!


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