I'm Learning Too

As part of our daily homeschooling we all gather together for what I call Together School.

I started this when I began homeschooling; it was a deliberate time each day when I would teach all my kids at the same time.

Over the years I have taught geography, history, science, memory work, art history, Latin, and music. It varies year to year, depending on what I feel we need to focus on; the only two subjects that I always include are Bible and Literature. It can be tricky, with the age range of my kids (8-16), but I usually follow the rule to teach to the level of the oldest.

Well, this last year I had really narrowed down what we were doing during this time. With both history and science covered in our weekly co-op, there wasn't much else that we were doing. Then a couple of days ago, one of my older kids came to me with a vocabulary question from her Word Roots book. And I had no idea what the answer was. I could always look it up in the answer key (which I did), but it was a really great root that I should have known. (It was the root andro, which means man.)

So I decided to incorporate vocabulary into our Together School.

I am using these books as resources:

*The ASVAB book is a course on learning how to take the ASVAB test, which is what Mr. Lego is thinking to do next year to get into the Air Force Reserves. I am really liking it since it is giving us tools for general knowledge.)

So today I went over three roots, three prefixes, and two suffixes and wrote them on our whiteboard.

I had the older two write it in their notebooks.

Then we discussed words that contained the parts.

This was a bit over the younger two heads, but you never know what they are sponging up as they listen.

(Smiley girls for the camera...Please don't think that we are always smiles like this during Together School. We have our attitude moments just like everyone else.)

The other things we are doing in Together School?

We are loving this Reformed theology study by James W. Beeke...

And here are the literature books I am reading. (Not at the same time. We are one chapter away from finishing Birds, Beasts, And Other Relatives by Gerald Durrell.)

We also do our scripture memory work and any art history review from our co-op.

A wonderful resource has been written about Together School which Kendra Fletcher calls Circle Time. I also wrote a review about Circle Time here.

I have learned so much over the 15+ years that I have been homeschooling...I found the Persian Wars so fascinating, I have loved learning the capitals of the European countries, and have (Surprisingly!) enjoyed figuring out Algebra problems with my son.

Homeschooling doesn't just mean that my kids learn but I learn too, right along with them. Another of the many, many blessings of homeschooling.


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