Christmas Break

We had a lovely two weeks off. It was nice to not think about school, housework, 4H, and the daily stuff. And it was fun to play games with the kids, have a movie night (Introducing them to Christmas Story) take walks, and sleep in.

Here is a recap of our break.....

Our annual Christmas Eve appetizer night....the experiment this year? Egg Rolls. And they were delish.

Christmas Lights....

Then on to Obachan's house. (My Japanese MIL)

She made an amazing spread.

 The cousins playing games....

All the grandkids, minus the one away at college.

The next day we headed to San Francisco, with Obachan and two of the cousins.

In Japantown, Bookworm, picking out her rice bowl for the year.

The bento box aisle is my favorite.

At the Peace Pagoda

These were some mochi treats. We thought that the topping was a sweet one, but it was a savory, sticky, soy sauce one.

This dish is amazing. Green tea ice cream, sweet beans, fruit, mochi, and those gelatin, so good.

Next stop was China Beach.

Crazy children.

We stopped at Pillar Point for some chowder....

...and some calamari.

Then down to the beach for a walk.

The sunset was beautiful.

We left that side of the family and drove a teeny ways to the grandparents house, for a delicious dinner.

The next day we all learned how to play Mexican Train and loved it.

And we had a great time visiting with them.

Finally, on New Years' Eve, we headed to our friends. It was a full house: 9 adults (one dad was home sick) and 24 kids.

Playing games, late into the night....

Celebrating with cider.....

Lunch the next day......

Chiopino for the fish-loving people.....

And lots of volleyball.

All the kids....

And the adults.

This break was fun for our family and a much needed rest for My Sweetie and I.

Now onto 2014!


  1. Looks so fun. Lots of time with family (not to mention all of the yummy food!).

  2. Thanks, Melissa! I hope you had a lovely Christmas as well!

  3. Okay, so if I ever make it back down to CA, would you take my family on a tour of those parts of San Fran?! Because while I lived in the Bay Area for fourteen years, that looks like stuff I've never seen, and I totally want that food. Oh YUM!

  4. Yes!! That would be so fun! And the places we ate in Japantown were places that my MIL found....a little hole-in-the-wall Japanese tea place. It's funny - we have our favorite spots in the city and we rarely deviate.


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