Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That I can't believe it is time to think about fair goats again. We went this last Saturday and saw some goats....these guys were born in September and so would make really good weights for our fair in May. The twist is.....we have to take possession of them in three weeks. Whoa. So there is a bit of work to be done, but I think we'll be ready in time.

What I'm reading: I picked up an interesting book at the library last week...The Greatest Survival Stories Ever Told, compiled by Lamar Underwood. It is a collection of survival stories and includes exerpts written by Jack London, Stephen Crane, Sir Ernest Shackleton, and Jon Krakauer. So far it is a good read.

What I'm listening to: Not much right now. The house is pretty quiet. We just had our December communication project meeting and the kids are getting ready for bed.

What we're learning: We are finishing up some assignments in preparation for our Christmas break....the older two have research papers due in writing, and are learning about the beginnings of Ancient Greece in history. They are also writing their 4H presentations, which I am hoping they will have written by the end of the month.

What's cooking: This week I am making a chicken and rice casserole, Japanese Curry, Split Pea Soup, and Monte Cristo sandwiches.

What I'm buying: We don't make a big deal of gifts in our family for Christmas, but I do go and get one small thing for each child. And I'm not telling what I'm getting, because my kids read my blog!

What I'm thankful for: I am very thankful for our general health. I have a friend from the Crew who is struggling with chronic health problems, not only for herself but for most of her family. When I read about her daily struggles I realize how healthy we really are and am thankful for God's mercy.

What I'm creating: Well, this is usually my baking week...but doing school this week before Christmas has thrown me for a loop. So little by little, I'll fill the freezer with different cookie doughs for our big bake off early next week.

What we did this last weekend: We celebrated Dasher's 13th birthday!! She got her ears pierced on Saturday, then we went out to a goat farm to check out their goats. That evening we had her birthday dinner...steak, mashed potatoes, vegetable kebabs, and garlic bread. Sunday we were at church, and then home for a relaxing afternoon and evening.

What I'm looking forward to: I am getting together with a friend later this week, and we have our last co-op of the year this Wednesday. And it's the last week of school before a two week break!

A picture to share:

~Market goats. Names to still be determined. :-)