This Week At My House

It has been a while since I profiled a week at our house. Most weeks are uneventful and aren't probably very interesting.

But this last week, while being uneventful, was a different one.

I had seven children in my house for 5 days.

Mr. Lego, as you know if you read my Monday Musings, is in Kentucky competing at the National Egg and Poultry Convention. My friend, who is the coach, took the team so I volunteered to watch her four youngest boys, ages 7-12.

And we had a blast.

Each day we did some school....very low-key stuff like phonics and reading workbooks, math, and read-alouds.

After that, the fun began.

They did this for a while one afternoon....

One of their favorite things to do was to look through our I Spy Books. 

The creators of those books were genuises.

One day they made a triple batch of Oatmeal Chocolate Cookies. 

These were seriously delicious.

And when I felt like they needed to burn off some energy, I sent them outside to play.

The leaves were too tempting and they had a massive leaf-throwing fight.

Some of them went into the small greenbelt area in our neighborhood, and created a whole village for the stuffed animals.

I did take them with me when I ran errands and went to the library, and yes, they all fit in my car.

And for fun, I started writing down the things I was hearing......

"Retreat! Girls coming!"

(When watching a funny Youtube video) "You are 20 percent in front of me, so I can only see 50 percent! Move over!"

"Sit on his head!"

"Knight, come rescue me now!"

"It's not my fault that I'm mad at you."

"Let's listen to What Does the Fox Say again!" (We seriously listened to that song at least three times a day.)

 Me: "What are you doing?"
Child: "Slow-motion punching."

Child #1: "Get your leg off of my foot!"
Child #2 " That's not my leg!"

This was also heard often:

"When are you going to stop taking pictures of us?"

It was a pretty fun week.

I got to know these sweet little boys a bit better, and spend time with my own girlies as well.


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